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What do I need to know about my home's drains?

Over time, drains can get narrower. The constant flow of grease, soap, hair, food debris and other elements can build up along the walls of pipes and narrow their ability to conduct waste water. Sinks or tubs can be slow to drain and even bad smells may become obvious. Unfortunately, the narrowing won’t go away on its own and that’s when a homeowner needs the services of a professional drain cleaner.

Of course, there are also random clogs that can occur – a piece of food debris or a toddler’s favorite ball can make it surprisingly far down a drain pipe. Those too can be removed.

What are the symptoms of a drain issue?

The main tip off is water draining slowly from sinks, tubs or showers. For the most part, water should leave all of these receptacles pretty quickly, but when there’s standing water while showering or water staying in the sink for an extended period of time, that could indicate a problem. Foul smells are sometimes reported as well.

Are all drains susceptible?

Yes. Kitchen drains, bathroom sinks, shower & tub drains, toilets, and floor drains can all exhibit issues. The cause can vary, though. For example: shower & tub drains can have a lot of hair in them, and kitchen sink drains can be more related to food items or grease and soap residue. Not to mention the valuable piece of jewelry that can make its way down a sink or the odd toy that can end up in a toilet. All are obstructions to water flow and all can be removed.

Does ABC clean drains?

You bet. Depending on the obstruction, we’ve got more than one solution.

In the case of a kitchen sink for example, many times it’s food debris, just below the drain opening in the sink. In that case, the licensed ABC plumber will simply disassemble the pipe immediately below the sink and remove the item, then re-configure the pipe.

Other times, something may make it further into the drain system (remember the toddler’s ball) or even roots from a tree can grow into the pipe and obstruct it. In those cases, we may recommend a plumber’s ‘snake’ to be used to push or grind thru the obstruction.

What does it cost to clean drains?

Obviously, circumstances can vary from home to home. However, ABC does offer a $99 drain cleaning on a normal, daily basis. The price covers a clog being removed from one drain in the home. Multiple clogs would be at $99 each.

I've heard the term hydro-jetter. What is that?

Sewer jetters, also known as hydro-jetters, are powerful drain cleaning machines that use high-pressure water jets to clear obstructions in residential and commercial drain pipes. The hydrojet is essentially a powerful nozzle, which pushes out large amounts of water at very high pressure. The amount of pressure can be in the neighborhood of 35,000 psi. The nozzle is pushed through the pipes and the powerful stream of water scours the inside of the pipe and removes any build up of grease, soap, oil, food debris, etc., that are serving to obstruct the pipe and reduce the flow of water from the house. The pipes are essentially retuned to near new capacity. ABC’s licensed plumbers and drain cleaners are equipped with hydro-jetters and can quickly perform the service.