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Why do I have fire ants around my home and what problems are they causing?

Although any Central Texas home will likely have ants of some kind, fire ants are a particularly dominant species. They will attack any other ants they find with powerful and toxic venom so that they have minimal competition as they breed and expand their territory.

A fire ant sting will hurt, but the bigger problem is that if you are unlucky enough to step in a fire and mound, you may not get just one bite, but instead a swarm of bites. Some people have an allergic reaction to fire ant bites that may require medical attention.

What is ABC’s method of fire ant control, and how effective is it?

There are two primary steps in our fire ant control methodology. The first step is getting a clear picture of the fire ant problem you’re facing. Our licensed pest control specialists will inspect the areas of your home where fire ants are likely to live. The inspector will also identify any conditions in and around your home that may be contributing to your fire ant problem and let you know the steps to take to correct the condition.

The next step is for a fire ant control specialist to treat your home based on the inspector's report. The preliminary treatment takes into account fire ant behavior and biology, and ongoing treatment will include highly effective fire ant bait and liquid barriers. Our goal is to have your home fire ant free.

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What safety measures does ABC take with its employees?

You can feel good about ABC's team on your property. All employees undergo a criminal history check and drug screening and carry licenses for any service it's required for. Rest easy, and leave the work to our experienced, trained, and friendly service team.