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Mites Versus Bed Bugs: Identification Guide

a bed bug

Homeowners may confuse mites and bed bugs, pictured above, for each other. However, they are entirely unrelated species, each requiring different treatment methods. It’s crucial to know which one is infesting your home if you want to get things under control.

There are some ways to try to tell these two pests apart. You can also let pest control specialists come over and identify the intruders in your home. They will assess the situation and provide the best solution to manage the mite or bed bug infestation. That way, you and your family can relax at home and get undisturbed sleep again.

Mites Versus Bed Bugs: Appearance and Habits

Bed bugs are flat and small parasitic insects that depend on human and animal blood for their nutrition. They feed when their victims are asleep and usually hang out near sleeping areas. Meanwhile, mites are arthropods closely related to ticks. They come in many … Read Full Post »

Small Black Tick: Identification & Control Guide

a deer tick

Do you know how to identify a small black tick? These pests, also called deer ticks or black-legged ticks, are among the most common tick species. While they may be tiny, they can carry and transmit a host of dangerous diseases, including Lyme disease.

Small Black Tick: Identification & Control Guide

Ticks can become major annoyances for both humans and animals, so homeowners need to be able to identify these pests. The most common type of tick is a small black tick, also known as a deer tick or a black-legged tick.

You can identify this type of tick by its black legs, which is where it gets its name. Small black ticks are also smaller than other tick species. An adult is around the size of a sesame seed, while a nymph, a younger tick, is no bigger than a poppy seed.

Next, as the name suggests, most small black ticks are black. … Read Full Post »

Why Do I Have Mosquito Bites on My Feet?

a person hiking

We all know that mosquito bites are no fun, especially on our feet. The irritation only worsens when our feet rub against socks and other articles of clothing.

So, why do mosquitoes like to go for our feet and ankles? Aedes mosquitoes are often known as ankle biters, and they bite people’s feet and ankles for several reasons. If you’re dealing with these pesky insects on your property, there are ways to deter them. But the best solution is to contact the professionals. Pest control specialists know how to manage the infestation.

Mosquito Bites on the Feet: Why They Happen and How to Prevent Them

Aedes mosquitoes are incredibly annoying. No matter how much we cover up, they can find small areas of exposed skin to bite. They do this by using their antennae, which have hundreds of receptors that can detect the chemicals in our bodies and the carbon dioxide we exhale.

Different … Read Full Post »

Does Eucalyptus Repel Mosquitoes?


Mosquitoes are frustrating and persistent pests. Homeowners search high and low for solutions to mosquito infestations, so it’s natural to try anything. One common way to try to repel mosquitoes is to use the eucalyptus plant. But does this method work?

Does Eucalyptus Repel Mosquitoes?

While there is evidence that mosquitoes will tend to avoid eucalyptus, you would need to plant many, many eucalyptus trees in your yard to see any benefits. One or two eucalyptus trees will not make a dent in a mosquito infestation. Highly concentrated eucalyptus oil that has been found to be effective in pest control methods is very different from having a tree in your garden.

For homeowners who want to try eucalyptus as a DIY method to complement professional pest control, you can mix eucalyptus oil in water and spray it around the house and yard. However, using eucalyptus alone is not a sufficient mosquito control strategy.

Additionally, … Read Full Post »

Tawny Crazy Ant Identification Guide

a tawny crazy ant on a leaf

Ants are persistent pests. When you think you’ve gotten rid of them, these resilient and hardworking insects can quickly return.

Tawny crazy ants are a common type of ant that homeowners can find in their homes. Their colonies have several queens and many more workers than other ants. As their name implies, tawny crazy ants are an aggressive bunch.

If these ants are already making themselves comfortable in your home, contact pest control specialists. They have the tools and expertise to take on tawny crazy ants and other ant species.

Tawny Crazy Ant Appearance and Behavior

Tawny crazy ants are native to South America but have been invading the U.S. since 2002. They started in Texas and have since spread to Mississippi, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana. They are so invasive that they have displaced the local fire ants in these areas.

While this species can’t fly, they infest old boxes, potted plants and other objects. … Read Full Post »

What Are Mosquitoes Attracted To?

a mosquito on skin

As a homeowner, do you know what attracts these pests and how to deter mosquitoes from your property? Mosquitoes are annoying pests that seek out humans and animals as hosts. It’s important to understand what mosquitoes are attracted to so that you can take steps to avoid them.

The best way to deal with mosquitoes is to call in pest control professionals. An expert can control mosquitoes on your property.

What Are Mosquitoes Attracted To?

Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that humans and animals emit when they exhale. These pests use their receptors to pick up on the carbon dioxide in the air, and they use their vision to find people and animals.

Their impressive receptors, located on their antennae, allow them to detect carbon dioxide from a great distance. Once they fly into the vicinity of a host, they rely on their vision to land on the host.

Mosquito vision is not … Read Full Post »

Do Bed Bugs Bite Every Night?

a bed bug on a sheet

Are you waking up with itchy bed bug bites? There’s nothing worse than being bitten in your sleep, but it can take a while for homeowners to realize that they have a bed bug problem. Part of the issue is that bed bugs do not bite every night, so the pest problem can be hard to spot.

Do Bed Bugs Bite Every Night?

Waking up with bed bug bites is never fun. It can feel like you wake up every morning with a new collection of bites, which leaves many homeowners wondering if bed bugs bite every night.

The truth is that bed bugs do not bite humans every night. They have a purpose behind their biting, and it’s to get a blood meal. One blood meal can typically last bed bugs for three to seven days. Once their previous blood meal is digested, they’ll go back for more.

If they can’t access a … Read Full Post »

Can Bed Bugs Live Outside?

a bd bug

Bed bugs are frustrating pests known to take up residence inside homes. However, a little-known fact is that they can also live outside. However, this is rare.

Bed bugs prefer to live inside where they are close to a host that can provide them with a blood meal and hiding spots. They can only live outside for a short period, and they must live somewhere with a high level of human activity.

For example, you may see outdoor bed bugs in these locations:

  • On public transportation
  • At outdoor gathering spaces, such as concert venues
  • In high-trafficked parks and recreation areas
  • At trash dumps that are full of furniture and mattresses

Bed bugs must be near a host to stay alive, so it’s riskier for them to live outdoors, but not impossible.

Indoor Bed Bug Hiding Places

Finding bed bugs inside homes with easier access to a host and shelter is much more common. These pests are also drawn to … Read Full Post »

Do Only Female Mosquitoes Bite?

a mosquito

Do all mosquitoes bite, or do only the females bite? There are a lot that people don’t know about mosquito bites. For homeowners, it’s important to understand why, when and where mosquitoes are most likely to bite.

If you’re dealing with a mosquito issue on your property, the most effective way to approach the problem is to get expert help. A pest control specialist can reduce the mosquito population at every phase of the life cycle and minimize the risk of mosquito bites on your property.

Do Only Female Mosquitoes Bite?

A little-known fact about mosquitoes is that only female mosquitoes bite humans and other animals. The reason for this is that females need a blood meal to obtain protein and other nutrients needed to produce eggs.

Since male mosquitoes do not need the nutrients from blood, they feed on nectar and plant juices instead.

When Do Mosquitoes Bite?

Female mosquitoes can bite at any time … Read Full Post »

How Many Ants Are in a Colony?

an ant colony

If you have pesky ants at home, you know how they can feel impossible to control. Since it can seem like they are always around, many homeowners wonder how many ants are in a colony.

If ants are invading your space, contact pest control specialists. Ants are hardworking and resilient pests but are no match for the pros. They have the tools and expertise to control these pests and help prevent future colonies from invading.

How Many Ants Are in a Colony?

Ants are social insects, and each of them belongs to a colony. Unlike other insects, you’ll never find an ant that operates solo. These colonies come in different sizes depending on species, colony age, climate and other factors.

The number of ants in a colony can vary depending on the species, age of the colony and the weather. Most ant colonies will have a few hundred ants, while some ant species, like … Read Full Post »