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What Is a Level 2 EV Charger?

an EV charger

Having to stop at the gas station to refuel is part of most drivers routines. But habits are changing now that electric vehicles are becoming more popular. Level 2 EV chargers offer a convenient way to charge your vehicle at home.

So, what is a level 2 EV charger? It’s the most popular home charging method among homeowners for a reason. Here’s everything you need to know about it and how it’s different from level 1 and level 3 charging. Contact a licensed electrician to install a level 2 EV charger in your home.

What Is a Level 2 EV Charger, and How Is It Different From Other Charging Levels?

Electric vehicles usually come with a level 1 charger. However, upgrading to a level 2 unit can save you time. Level 2 chargers deliver an electric current from an outlet to your vehicle through a connector. They use a 240-volt input and have … Read Full Post »

Garbage Disposal Humming but Not Spinning

a garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are mighty pieces of equipment in the kitchen, able to grind up food scraps to prevent drain blockages. But just because they are sturdy doesn’t mean they will last forever. Like any appliance, they can develop issues over time and cause stress levels to rise.

One common problem homeowners experience is when the garbage disposal is humming but not spinning. With some troubleshooting knowledge, it’s possible to get your garbage disposal up and running again. But your DIY skills can only take you so far. Sometimes, you need the help of a professional plumber.

What To Do if Your Garbage Disposal Is Humming but Not Spinning

Garbage disposals aren’t silent workers. They hum as they run, and that’s normal. What’s not is if it’s making noise but not spinning. It’s still receiving power, so it’s not an electrical supply problem. Something else is causing the issue, and it could be any … Read Full Post »

My AC Is Running but Not Cooling

an air vent

Your AC is expected to cool down your home and provide comfort during hot and humid days. But it doesn’t always work that way. If your AC is running but not cooling, it will leave you hot instead of calm and collected. Unfortunately, this is a common problem homeowners face, and there are many possible reasons behind it.

Something is amiss inside your AC if it can no longer do its job. Here are some ways to find the culprit and troubleshoot the problem. However, most AC issues are complex and require the expertise of a pro. If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, it’s better to let an HVAC specialist take over. They can perform the necessary repairs and replacements and have your unit running smoothly again.

What To Do If Your AC Is Running But Not Cooling

ACs have intricate systems. One malfunctioning part can lead to the entire unit’s … Read Full Post »

My Toilet Won’t Flush and It’s Not Clogged

a toilet

Toilets serve an important role in our households. We usually take them for granted, only realizing how convenient they make our lives when they stop working. It’s troublesome if you notice your toilet that won’t flush.

If your toilet won’t flush and it’s not clogged, there’s probably something wrong with one of its components. If you can’t get it working, it’s time to seek professional help. A licensed plumber has the tools and expertise to tackle your toilet troubles.

What To Do When the Toilet Won’t Flush and It’s Not Clogged

The most common reason a toilet won’t flush is a clog. Finding wads of toilet paper or a missing toy is not unusual. But if you’ve checked and there are no obstructions, it’s time to examine your toilet’s internal parts. Something might be broken or have come loose, causing the flushing system to malfunction.

You can follow these troubleshooting steps to find the … Read Full Post »

The Different EV Charging Levels Explained

an EV charging

Electric vehicles are great to have because you never have to make a pit stop at the gas station, but many homeowners don’t realize that charging an EV is more complicated than plugging it into the wall socket. Not only do you need to install a charging station, but you might also need to secure a permit before doing so. In addition, you need to understand the different EV charging levels.

Everything You Need to Know About EV Charging Levels

The Society of Automotive Engineers defined three EV charging levels: 1, 2 and 3. Homeowners typically use level 1 or 2 for EV home charging. Here’s a breakdown of the three levels to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Level 1

Most automakers include a level 1 charger with new EV purchases. You can plug this charger into your 120-volt outlets at home, making it a convenient option. However, never plug … Read Full Post »

Why Does My AC Keep Tripping the Breaker?

a breaker box

The AC is our best friend on blistering hot days. But it can also be our worst enemy if it keeps tripping the breaker and interrupting our cold air supply. It can be tempting to keep resetting the breaker so you can feel comfortable again, but that will only do more harm.

So, what should you do if your AC keeps tripping the breaker? Here are some ways to troubleshoot the issue and enjoy cool air again. If none of them work, there’s a more complex underlying problem that requires the attention of a pro. Contact an HVAC specialist who can get to the root cause and fix it.

What To Do If Your AC Keeps Tripping the Breaker

Breakers are safety devices in your home that prevent short circuits and overloads. Your AC’s breaker will trip when the unit pulls in more amps than the breaker can take. For example, a 20-amp … Read Full Post »

Oven Not Heating Up but Stove Works: What’s Wrong?

an oven

Ovens are essential in the kitchen. You can get over a decade’s worth of delicious cakes, cookies and other baked goodies out of them. But as with any appliance, ovens can malfunction. One puzzling issue homeowners experience is that their oven isn’t heating up, but the stove works.

You don’t have to replace your oven just yet if you’re dealing with this problem. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to figure out why your oven’s acting up. If all else fails, call in a pro. An appliance repair specialist can identify the cause and perform the necessary repairs and replacements. Then, you’ll be baking again in no time.

What to Do If the Oven Is Not Heating Up But the Stove Works

If your stove’s working but your oven shows no signs of life, something could be broken or malfunctioning inside. The broiling and baking elements are likely working fine, but … Read Full Post »

I Have Rusty Hot Water: What’s Wrong?

a water heater

Imagine coming home after a long day and hopping in the shower. You turn on the water, expecting a comforting warmth to envelope you. But instead, rusty hot water splashes down and covers you from head to toe. No, your house probably isn’t haunted. But, you most likely have a plumbing issue that needs immediate attention.

Before you worry too much, it’s a common problem that many other homeowners experience. You can troubleshoot it yourself if you’re confident in your DIY skills. But it’s best to let a professional plumber take over if you want to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

What to Do When You Have Rusty Hot Water at Home

It’s concerning when rusty hot water gushes out of your shower or faucet. It looks and smells terrible. The good news is it’s likely not health-threatening. The worst it can do is stain your dishes and laundry. But, that … Read Full Post »

Your Guide to EV Charging at Home

an EV charger

One of the best perks of driving an electric car is never going to a gas station. With a Level 2 home charging station, you can plug in your EV before bed and wake up to it fully charged and ready to hit the road. This is a luxury that all drivers aspire to have, but to enjoy this lifestyle, you must install a home charging station.

Like other home improvements, many things can go wrong with a home charging installation. The best way to prevent mishaps and unnecessary expenses is by hiring an experienced electrician.

To help you, here’s everything you need to know about EV charging at home.

What Features Should a Home EV Charging Station Have?

Why is EV charging at home so important? The number of public EV charging stations continues to grow in the U.S., but it will take years before they become as accessible as gas stations. Home … Read Full Post »

What Size Generator Do I Need?

a generator on a truck

Having a standby generator can help keep you comfortable and worry-free during a power outage. If you experience a loss of power during extreme temperatures, it can keep your family protected from the harsh temperatures outside. Having a standby generator can give you peace of mind.

If you want to equip your home with one, the first step is figuring out what size your generator should be and how much power it should generate. You should consult a licensed electrician and plumber when inquiring about standby generators. That way, you’ll ensure your generator will run smoothly and safely.

How to Determine Generator Size for Your Home 

What size generator do I need? It’s important to let a licensed electrician figure this out. They have the knowledge and experience to find the right size standby generator for your home and needs.

To determine the correct size, they will take note of your appliances at home. … Read Full Post »