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Plumbing Problems Best Left to the Professionals

Are you having plumbing issues in your Austin home? Are you the type of person who either doesn’t know how to fix plumbing problems or who simply doesn’t want to fix them? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, a local plumber can help. In fact, there are many plumbing issues that are best left to professionals.

Leaky Pipes

Not only can water leaks cost you a whole lot of money, but they can also cause a significant amount of damage to your home. While some of these leaks may be easy to detect, others are often hidden under your house or deep within your walls. These problems can lead to such issues as mold, mildew or damage to your floors, walls and ceiling.

Broken Hot Water Heaters

If your hot water doesn’t seem to be lasting as long as it did before, it’s best to have a professional check … Read Full Post »

Could You Have a Worst-Case Plumbing Scenario On Your Hands?

What happens in the plumbing lines should stay in there. Any unscheduled surface incursion of materials that flow through those hidden pipes, whether clean or waste water, is cause for alarm for homeowners. Plumbers in San Antonio will tell you that problems can quickly turn from minor annoyance to horrifying nightmare, costing serious money to resolve.

As a homeowner, you need to pay attention to little things such as leaky faucets and groaning pipes in the walls because these could be symptoms of bigger problems.

The Toilet Runneth Over

The bathroom can present plumbing problem red flags. Leaky faucets could be the result of a worn out gasket or improper installation. Water running nonstop in a toilet may be a defective flapper. Both cases result in clean water being wasted, higher water bills and rust damage to fixtures.

A clogged toilet can flood your bathroom and render the toilet unusable, which can spell disaster … Read Full Post »

5 Famous & Unexpected Plumbers

If someone asked you to name famous plumbers, you’d probably think of Super Mario and his brother Luigi, the duo who defined video games in the 80s. Desperate Housewives’ hunky plumber Mike Delfino, played by James Denton, might also come to mind. Not all famous plumbers are fictional. Some celebrities quietly worked in the plumbing trade before their rise to fame, so most people have no idea they started out in such non-glamorous roles. Here are five examples that might surprise you.


1. Ozzy Osborne

Before Black Sabbath, Ozzfest, reality shows and a diet of bat heads, John Michael “Ozzy” Osborne wielded a totally different kind of snake than the one he famously wore around his neck. The English heavy metal singer and songwriter left school at 15 and worked as a plumber. With his net worth exceeding 140 million, few people remember his expertise with clogged drains.

2. Michael Flatley

In a true … Read Full Post »

The History of Toilets: How Modern Features Can Transform Your Bathroom

history of toilets timeline

You probably take your toilet for granted—that is, until you have a problem. How have toilets evolved over time, and what recent advances have changed the way you spend time in your bathroom?

The History of Toilets Timeline

Before the invention of flushing toilets and sophisticated plumbing, many people used chamber pots or simply used the restroom in the streets. Obviously, people of this age weren’t very sensitive to odors. The Saxons created pits in the streets with wooden seats over them. People in some countries built drains under their homes that led to rivers or primitive sewer systems. Ancient Egyptians used limestone or wooden seats with sand-filled containers under them. These primitive toilets had to be emptied by hand. People in the Indus Valley civilization built grid-patterned streets with sewers underneath. Their toilets were flushed with water.

Who Invented the Modern Toilet?

Although the invention of the modern flush toilet is sometimes attributed to … Read Full Post »

DIY Plumbing: Good Idea, Bad Idea

Did you ever wake from a sound sleep because of an annoying drip coming from the next room? You probably know that if you don’t fix a leaky faucet, you won’t get a good night’s sleep until you stop the drip. Even if you have the tools and expertise to fix a minor plumbing problem, you may be too busy to tackle the job until the weekend, and by then, you’re likely to be exhausted from lack of sleep. A San Antonio plumber can take care of minor plumbing problems as well as major troubles quickly and efficiently and help get your life back to normal again.

If you’re handy with tools and have plenty of time, you may want to replace a faucet, repair a small leak or unclog a drain without getting help from an expert. If you’re confident about your ability, you may save money by doing those … Read Full Post »

Five Ways a Hidden Rodent Infestation Can Impact Your Home—and Your Pocketbook!

damage caused by rats

Pest control is often the most unwelcome of all the unexpected costs that homeowners face. Pests enter your property looking for food and shelter and can usually stay hidden for long periods. Rodents, in particular, are experts in squeezing through small openings, and just one female rat can have up to 15,000 babies in just one year! If you have an infestation, damage caused by rats and mice could cost you thousands of dollars or more to fix, not to mention the time and hassle of caring for the problem.

Damage Caused By Rats and Mice

Rodent dens that go unnoticed are more expensive and dangerous to remove than infestations that are uncovered quickly. Crawl spaces, attics, and voids surrounding water pipes are prime real estate for rodents seeking a new home. Places that homeowners don’t inspect often are more likely to harbor unnoticed residents. Here are a few costly problems that … Read Full Post »

The Relationship Between Plumbing and Pests

Most homeowners are unaware of the association between plumbing and pests, but the fact is that the two are intertwined. Problems with a home’s plumbing can attract certain types of pests. Not to mention, the presence of pests in the plumbing of a home can cause some serious plumbing issues. Lowe’s notes that pests ranging from rodents to snakes can find their way into the plumbing of a building and wreak havoc.

How Do Plumbing Problems Attract Pests?

When a home has leaky plumbing, pests may move in because they detect a water source and are attracted to the area where the leak originates. Homeowners should be aware that standing water attracts pests including mosquitoes, so having a simple leak can lead to a serious pest problem in your home.

Pests that eat wood are particularly interested in moist wood because it is easier for them to chew, and they rely on moisture … Read Full Post »

One of Dallas’s Most Unwanted House Guests: The Scorpion

Scorpions are one of the most fearsome pests in Texas. These venomous arachnids crawl around homes under the cover of night and pose a serious threat when disturbed. Texas is home to 18 scorpion species, but only one is found in the Dallas area. Fortunately, none of these scorpions are known to cause fatal stings. The most common species in Texas and the only species in Dallas is the striped bark scorpion, which has two striped bands running down its back. These scorpions only measure 2 inches long, but their venom is packed with neurotoxins that cause intense pain and swelling.

Scorpions at Night

Closely related to ticks and spiders, scorpions have evolved to withstand desert-like conditions. To conserve moisture and regulate their temperatures, scorpions hide in dark places during the day and prowl for food at night. Because scorpions are nocturnal, infestations often go unnoticed. One of the best ways to … Read Full Post »

Home Invaders: Which Species of Roaches Infest the Indoors?

The hot, humid environment in Texas provides an ideal breeding ground for many insect species, including one of the most hated pests, the cockroach. Several roach species live primarily outdoors and go unnoticed due to their nocturnal habits. Still, some creepy insects enter the home and establish populations within walls or other dark hiding spots. Pest control in Houston is essential for residents to eliminate and control these bugs that harbor inside buildings.

Common Roach Species in Houston

German cockroaches are the small species that cause the most problems indoors. Due to their ability to eat anything, hide in tiny crevices, and breed rapidly, Houston pest control companies utilize several tactics to eliminate these insects. German roaches live exclusively indoors, contributing to germ distribution, allergies, and asthma. American cockroaches are startling when spotted because of their large size. Living both inside homes and outdoors, they are the most common species in Houston. … Read Full Post »

Tackling Plumbing Fixtures During Bathroom Remodeling

Many Austin homeowners will remodel their bathrooms this year. While there is a wealth of information on the Internet about DIY projects, it is important to remember that not all resources offer good information. Homeowners should limit themselves to cosmetic projects and avoid major plumbing tasks. When it comes to actual plumbing procedures, it is important to contact a professional plumber. There are several good reasons for this.

Some Plumbing Projects May Require Permits

In nearly every city, there are special codes for plumbing projects. For example, Austin has special requirements for water heater placement and toilet water consumption. Violations of local plumbing codes may make it very difficult for homeowners to resell their properties in the future. Most homeowners will be required to hire a professional to fix the problem, which will cost even more money. In some cases, violations may result in fines if they cause damage to city property … Read Full Post »