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The Relationship Between Plumbing and Pests

Most homeowners are unaware of the association between plumbing and pests, but the fact is that the two are intertwined. Problems with a home’s plumbing can attract certain types of pests. Not to mention, the presence of pests in the plumbing of a home can cause some serious plumbing issues. Lowe’s notes that pests ranging from rodents to snakes can find their way into the plumbing of a building and wreak havoc.

How Do Plumbing Problems Attract Pests?

When a home has leaky plumbing, pests may move in because they detect a water source and are attracted to the area where the leak originates. Homeowners should be aware that standing water attracts pests including mosquitoes, so having a simple leak can lead to a serious pest problem in your home.

Pests that eat wood are particularly interested in moist wood because it is easier for them to chew, and they rely on moisture in the wood as a source of water. Termites could become a problem when a plumbing issue causes wood structures within a building to become damp. Termites contribute to the existing leak problem when wood is saturated from a leaky pipe.

Carpenter ants may also be attracted to leaks that saturate wood. These pests are known for burrowing through wood and forming a nest inside wood structures.

Once holes are made because pests have found weakened spots, rodents may follow and enter the home through these gaps. Homeowners should be sure to have crawlspaces checked for pests when plumbing problems are detected.

How Do Pests Cause Plumbing Problems?

Rodents in a home have been known to exasperate plumbing problems or even cause issues by gnawing on plumbing seals. Plumbing related to toilets can also be damaged when rodents find and chew through it while roaming in the crawlspaces of a building.

Rats may even block pipes when they enter a building’s plumbing through the sewer system.

Plumbing issues should be promptly addressed to discourage pests from entering a home. If you’re looking for superior service related to pest control in San Antonio, ABC Home & Commercial Services offers the expertise and experience that you need. Not only does ABC offer pest control services, but we also specialize in plumbing within San Antonio. For pest control issues that originate in the plumbing of a building, ABC is the ideal resource.

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