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Stop the Weed-Whacking Insanity

Weed whackers only cut the visible parts of weedsWhen the weather is warm and there’s plenty of rain, it can seem like all you do throughout the spring and summer is try to keep weeds under control. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to put away that noisy, stinky old weed whacker? With the right lawn care methods, you can do just that and still have an amazing lawn.

Don’t Buzz Cut Your Lawn

An ultra-short lawn may extend the time until you have to mow again, but it also leaves your grass vulnerable to being overrun by more aggressive plants. Mowing at a higher level gives your grass a long enough leaf to produce the nutrients it needs to grow strong and “crowd out” pesky weeds.

Hoe Your Rows

Weed whackers only cut the visible parts of weeds, but a good old-fashioned hoe can stop them in their tracks. If you’re sick of weeds that seem to spring up year after year, grab a hoe and use the sharp edge to cut the stems off the roots. There’s no need to hoe deeply; getting just below the soil surface should do the trick.

Go Easy on Fertilizer

Remember that fertilizer feeds all plants, not just the ones you want to grow. Research optimal lawn feeding times for your location and use only as much fertilizer as you need to avoid stimulating weed growth.

Try Mulch

If weeds can’t get any light, they won’t grow, so get some organic mulch and start spreading! Studies have shown this method works better when the mulch is placed on top of layers of newspaper and can even control weeds for more than one season. Mulch also serves to keep the soil moist for other plants, providing a dual benefit for gardens.

Kill Weeds Naturally

Natural weed control methods get rid of unwanted growth without harming your yard. Two of the simplest are boiling water and vinegar. Boiling water works best in areas such as gravel or sidewalks where you won’t run the risk of burning your good plants. Vinegar takes a few applications in dry weather to start working but is a good alternative to chemicals. Look for commercial organic herbicides if you need to spot-spray anything or stop weeds from germinating in the first place with a layer of corn gluten meal.

If you feel overwhelmed by weeds, give ABC Home & Commercial Services a call. Our trained professional staff can give your Dallas home a beautiful landscaped look that lasts without the need for incessant weed whacking. Get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy a healthy lawn that’s free of unwanted growth.

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    horrible advice. we need weedeaters to handle the impossible task of maintaining a neatly trimmed yard. In order to write a well balanced and truthful article on yardcare one should actually have a little experience in the field. you cant learn this stuff in a classroom.!!

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