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Kevin Davis did an excellent job at my home for my initial service today. He was thorough, considerate, and was very good at communicating.  Because of him, I am happy to continue services with ABC.

- Sidney O.
How often do you mow?

Lawn mowing frequency will depend on your needs and the nature of your lawn, but we typically recommend a weekly or bi-weekly lawn maintenance program.

What other lawn services do you offer?

We want to help you keep your lawn green and healthy! We can offer you fertilization programs that match your budget and your lawn needs. With proper mowing, fertilization, and watering, you can have the greenest lawn in your neighborhood.

What’s wrong with my lawn?

Many conditions can degrade the quality of a lawn. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we’re prone to certain lawn diseases such as gray leaf spot and spring dead spot. In the fall, look out for brown patch disease, which is caused by a nasty fungus, especially if you have St. Augustine grass.

If not treated promptly, these patches will multiply and overtake the whole lawn. We’re also vulnerable to destructive insects such as white grubs, armyworms, and cinch bugs, just to name a few. Or, maybe your lawn is under irrigated or overgrown.

Rest assured that whatever ails your lawn, ABC knows the fix.

What can you do to fix an unhealthy looking lawn?

We offer a number of different services to address lawn problems.


We use eco-friendly granular fertilizer loaded with vital micronutrients which will help keep your lawn, trees and shrubs green and healthy (and groundwater pristine).

Weed Control

Sometimes pulling weeds is not enough. Our traditional program includes pre-emergent weed control in the spring and fall to prevent a variety of annual weeds. We will treat broadleaf weeds every time we visit. Ask us about our optional treatments for grass-type weeds such as Dallisgrass and Nutgrass.

Insect & Disease Control

If it turns out your lawn has a disease or a destructive insect problem, we offer optional services to handle these problems.

Core Aeration

This optional program will help loosen compacted soil, which allows nutrients, water, and air to reach the root zone.

An ABC specialist will help you determine which services are right for your lawn.

​Are your methods and products friendly for pets and children?

Our low-impact products are formulated with the health of people, pets and the environment in mind, and our thoroughly trained specialists carry out our lawn and pest control services responsibly.

Nothing is more important to us than the welfare of you and your family.