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ABC has been servicing my home for termites and other pests for many years. A few years ago, when rodents invaded my garage, I added this service as well. I've had no problems since! Their service representatives are always courteous and on time.

- Terrie R. , January 2019
I think I found a termite in my house. Should I be concerned?

The short answer is yes. If you have found one termite in your home then it’s likely there are others.

Termites are “cryptic,” which just means they are as expert at hiding as they are at eating wood. But first you may want to determine whether the insect you found is actually a termite. Termites look a lot like flying ants and the two species are often mistaken for each other.

How do you treat for termites?

An ABC termite control specialist will visit your home and conduct a thorough inspection to confirm whether you have a termite problem. We will inspect your home for termites, termite damage, and foraging tubes.

If we find signs of an invasion we will begin the extermination process. The specialist will apply Termidor liquid technology over the feeding areas. When termites ingest the solution they’ll die, but not before sharing it with others.

Once your home is termite-free, we will install monitoring stations around its perimeter to serve as an early warning system for future attacks.

Are the products you use friendly for pets and children?

Termidor has been formulated to be not only highly effective but also to have the lowest impact possible on pets, people and the environment. We apply this low-impact product in concealed locations and only where necessary.

Can’t I just buy my own termite control products?

Sure you can. But the DIY products you buy off a shelf will not help you fully protect your home. It takes professional equipment, specialized methods and ABC know-how to really get the job done right and keep it done.

Does your termite control have any kind of guarantee?

Our monitoring stations will ensure that termites will not find a way back into your home. And our warranty guarantees that if the termites come back, so will we. That’s a promise we take seriously.

What can I do to prevent termites?

One of the best preventative methods is to assure that all wood piles are stored away from the exterior walls of the home. It’s also important to remove clutter, dense vegetation, and other unnecessary materials from the exterior walls.

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Regional Director, Commercial Services
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Residential Territory Manager, Denton County
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