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I wanted to make a point to contact the office to compliment Cesar. He is the best tech I have ever had! We never had problems with any other specialist in the past, but just thought Cesar has been the best so far. I have been a customer since 2001.

- Robert in Dallas
How can ABC help me with determining if there is a bed bug infestation in my home?

We will inspect known problem sites for bed bugs, their eggs, corpses, droppings, blood spots, and other indications of bed bugs.

What method does ABC recommend to control a bed bug infestation?

We recommend thermal remediation as a solution. This is a highly effective non-chemical, non-toxic method that employs heat to kill bed bugs in all life stages—eggs, nymphs, or adults. A single treatment is usually all you will need!

Is this method friendly for pets and children?

Heat remediation is 100% friendly for both pets and children, but due to the 125 degree temperature, people and pets will need to vacate the home during treatment. Heat alone destroys the infestation, so there is no risk of toxic residue or other lingering substances. Insect growth regulators and natural materials are combined for longer lasting results.

Are bed bugs dangerous?

Not generally. They don’t carry diseases like mosquitoes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not consider bed bugs to pose a public health problem. Their bites can sometimes cause itching and skin infections, however, and some people may suffer allergic reactions to bed bug bites.

Does the presence of bed bugs indicate a cleanliness problem?

Not at all. A bed bug infestation has nothing to do with level of cleanliness. They are typically brought into your home after a trip, hitching a ride in luggage. Any bedroom can be invaded by bed bugs—even at 5 star hotels.

How can I prevent bed bugs from returning after treatment?

Passive monitoring is one way to stop bed bugs in their tracks.

Maybe the most effective passive device we’ve come across is the ClimbUp®, which is a cup lined with slippery talcum powder. These cups are placed under the legs of furniture and will trap any bed bugs that try to make their way up to your furniture. Give us a call to find out more about the preventative and follow-up options we offer.

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