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Why can’t I get rid of mosquitoes on my own?

Homeowners can reduce local mosquito population by eliminating pools of standing water where mosquitoes tend to breed, which includes drying puddles or emptying any receptacle where water has collected, including garbage cans, pots, and kiddie pools.

However, DIY preventative measures won’t keep these unwanted guests away from your backyard barbecue. Other methods, such as citronella candles and bug zappers, have been proven to be relatively ineffective.

To truly eliminate mosquitoes, you’ll need the help of a pest control professional.

How can ABC help me get rid of mosquitoes?

ABC provides two recurring mosquito suppression programs: High Impact and Reduced Impact. Both programs will reduce the mosquito population, but be aware that neither will eradicate the problem completely. This is why it’s important to take additional measures to prevent potentially dangerous bites.

High Impact Suppression Program

ABC uses traditional products to repel and kill large infestations. Using a backpack blower, we treat shrubs, weeds, grass, and any ground cover within a 50-foot perimeter of the home. In addition, we will inspect and treat as needed any other areas outside your home that might also provide conditions that are attractive to mosquitoes.

Reduced Impact Suppression Program

ABC also offers natural repellants to help control mosquito populations. Natural repellants are effective in areas where mosquito populations are lower and breeding sites are controlled and dry.

Are the products you use friendly for pets and children?

The treatment products we use have been selected with pets and children as our number one priority. Our low-impact products deliver the most effective treatment possible while maintaining ethical responsibility to you and your family.

Are mosquitoes dangerous?

Most Texans consider mosquitoes a nuisance—at worst the cause of a night of intense itching. But mosquitoes are a real public health problem as they can carry serious diseases. Malaria, for instance, is a mosquito-borne illness that has sickened millions around the world. Here in Texas, we have seen cases of West Nile Virus, Chikungunya, and Encephalitis—all of which are transmittable via mosquito bites—so it’s only prudent to take preventative steps to minimize the mosquito population around your home.

I’m throwing an outdoor party. Can you help clear my yard of mosquitoes for the big event?

Yes! We can help make your party a success with a one-time traditional treatment focused on areas where large groups of people will gather within the next 2 to 3 days.We also carry mosquito dunks for areas of standing water that cannot be dried up.

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