Commercial Industries – Food Processing Facilities Hero video transcript

(footage of the the exterior and interior of a food processing plant)

(voice over)

Food is an important part of our lives, our family and our world, production
of that food is equally important.Since 1949, ABC Home and Commercial Services has been dedicated to food safety, food protection and our customers. We want our services to far exceed expectations, but also make a difference. Access to nutritious food and fighting to end the hunger gap is a mission of the North Texas Food Bank.It is a mission that ABC fully supports. And by donating quality pest management services, we can help fight hunger too.

Dennis Jenkins (President of ABC): When we look at food safety, we really consider pest control playing a role from grain to train to store to table. The need for pest control exists every step of that chain. And by doing our job at each of those areas, we make sure that what your family is eating is safe.

(Brad Stewart, Chief Operating Office of North Texas Food Bank): North Texas Food Bank had the opportunity to move into a tune of 30000 square foot facility that was brand new to all of us. We didn’t really know what we were coming into in terms of what type of food would show up here, different from where we had come from, what kind of pest management, unique attributes there might be that we would have to contend with. And ABC was there to guide us along that process.

Dennis Jenkins (voice over):We look at that, that protection and that need, and we take it very seriously.We don’t just go do it quick pest control job and get out. We are your partner.

Charlotte Macinnes (QA Manager of ABC Home and Commercial Services):When we first meet with a customer, we want to do a deep dive analysis for them to totally understand the pest
pressures that they currently are facing. We will walk their facility. We will do a full inspection, including surrounding areas where pest pressures may be coming in from outside. We will do a full record analysis looking through their logbook to see if there’s any information there that is not currently present. And we will complete a full risk analysis
with our recommendations of what they need to ensure that they’re meeting all the regulatory requirements. Such as AIB or the GFSI benchmark schemes such as SQF, BRC.

Mauricio Cardoso (Director of Facilities at North Texas Food Bank):When ABC comes here once a week, their procedure is to check in first and then check the binder to make sure everything is updated. Their walkthrough starts by checking all the exterior and interior traps, thermal traps and the light traps as well and see where is more activity. Everything gets reported and is sent to me and to others to provide.

Brad Stewart (Chief Operating Office of North Texas Food Bank): It’s been fantastic. We’ve seen not only has ABC done a great job of stepping into the space of food banking and being able to meet our needs and the needs that are put on us by our governing entities. But you’re always there to ask what more what more can we do? ABC has been indispensable since you start working with us. We just got A pluses on on pest control.

(voice over): At ABC, it’s not just about what we do. It’s also about who we are.