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Now serving Livingston, TX, we specialize in ant control and extermination. With 300 ant species in Texas, trust ABC Home & Commercial Services for reliable pest control services . Don't waste time searching—choose us for effective ant management.

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Ant Extermination: Dealing With Different Types of Ants in Texas

In Livingston, we encounter various species of ants, including rover ants, acrobat ants, pharaoh ants, and leaf-cutting ants. It’s not uncommon for termites to be mistaken for ants and vice versa, underscoring the importance of seeking the expertise of an ant exterminator in our area.

In Livingston, while we’re equipped to assist with any ant or pest control issues you may encounter, we typically receive the most calls regarding the following types of ants:

Crazy Ants

a crazy ant on a leaf

In Livingston, Crazy ants (also known as Raspberry crazy ants or Tawny crazy ants) have become a more prevalent pest issue. These ants are identifiable by their hairy bodies and reddish-brown color. True to their name, they don’t move in a straight line but rather in a frantic zig-zag pattern. Because crazy ants thrive in warm environments, they often inhabit switch boxes and areas near sources of electricity, posing risks of short circuits and other electrical problems. Unfortunately, there are no readily available products for the general public to effectively exterminate crazy ant infestations. Therefore, your best course of action is to contact a professional ant pest control service to address the issue.

Fire Ants

fire ants

In Livingston, Fire ants, known for their reddish-brown color and painful sting, construct large, typically quite noticeable mounds outdoors. However, it’s common for individuals or pets to disturb these mounds, leading to potentially dangerous encounters accidentally. Our ABC ant removal technicians suggest applying baits and treatment products directly to individual ant piles for optimal results. For homeowners who prefer to avoid the risk of being stung, seeking professional fire ant control is often the preferred choice.

Carpenter Ants

carpenter ant

Carpenter ants are typically large in Livingston and may appear solid black, brown, or a mix of black and red-orange. These nocturnal insects are capable of biting. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not consume wood but chew through it to build extensive nests within our homes. Because the indications of a carpenter ant infestation closely resemble those of a termite infestation, it’s advisable to seek assistance from an ant control professional.

Odorous House Ants

odorous house ant

In Livingston, Odorous house ants are characterized by their smooth bodies and relatively sparse hairs. These insects earn their name from the distinct odor resembling licorice that they emit when crushed. Preferring sweet foods, these ants primarily nest outdoors but can also establish colonies in wall voids and other indoor spaces. Because of their diminutive size, preventing these ants from accessing food can pose challenges, complicating the eradication of an infestation. Effectively addressing an odorous house ant issue may require several weeks. Our ant removal specialists typically employ specialized baits to control these populations.

Prevent Future Ant Infestations

Effectively controlling ants in Livingston involves sealing entry points and eliminating accessible food sources. Your ABC pest control professional can offer personalized advice to help keep ants at bay.

In Livingston, homeowners can take several proactive steps to manage ant infestations effectively:

Attempting to tackle an ant infestation alone can be challenging. Contact ABC Home & Commercial for a complimentary consultation and to inquire about enrolling in a regular treatment plan.

The ABC Process

In Livingston, here's how we approach pest control at ABC:

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Step 1: Contact ABC

Reach out to us, and we'll schedule an inspection to assess the situation. In some cases, we can provide a quote over the phone.

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Step 2: Get An Estimate

After the inspection, we'll send you a tailored treatment plan and estimate. Once you approve, we'll schedule your treatment.

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Step 3: Treatment

Our team will visit your property and target common pest hiding and nesting areas. Over time, you'll notice a decrease in pest activity.

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Step 4: Prevention

Customers enrolled in our ongoing pest management services receive regular retreatments to keep common pests at bay in our area.

In Livingston, we advise our customers seeking ant control to refrain from using strong cleaners near bait stations. These cleaners can disrupt ant pheromone trails, which are crucial for signaling food sources to the colony. This interference can hinder the effectiveness of our treatments. Depending on the severity of the infestation, we might suggest alternative treatment methods for the nest.

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Ready to tackle your pest problem? Contact us to get started with a full range of pest control services.

ABC has been a trusted provider of ant control services in Livingston for generations, serving Texas and Florida. Our dedicated treatment specialists undergo rigorous in-house training to deliver effective and knowledgeable solutions tailored to your needs. As a family-run business, we value treating your home as if it were our own. That’s why our technicians undergo thorough background checks, ensuring only the most trusted professionals enter your home during our service calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can we quickly begin addressing your ant issue?

Here in Livingston, we recognize the frustration that comes with dealing with ants, whether they’re invading your pantry or causing painful bites. Reach out to ABC, either by phone or by scheduling an appointment online, and we’ll promptly add you to our service schedule.

What happens next after you contact ABC in Livingston?

When you reach out to us, we’ll either schedule an inspection or provide a free estimate over the phone. Typically, we prefer to inspect your property to assess the situation thoroughly and devise the most suitable treatment plan. During the inspection, our pest control specialists will:

  • Inquire about areas where you’ve observed ant activity
  • Inspect your property for ant nests and identify any entry points used by these pests
  • Identify the ant species, if necessary
  • Please address any queries you may have regarding our pest control procedures

At the conclusion of the inspection, you’ll receive an estimate along with our recommended course of action. Once you approve, we’ll schedule your initial treatment appointment.

Is it possible to handle ant infestations on my own?

While various sprays and products are available for ant control, these often only tackle the visible ants. To truly manage ant populations, it’s crucial to target their nests, which are typically located outdoors and have intricate underground networks.

Ant control can prove challenging because some ant queens lay hundreds or thousands of eggs daily. Additionally, many store-bought bait products are only effective for ants attracted to sugar. Given that numerous ant species prefer protein or salty foods, these products may need to be more effectively addressed.

How do your products affect my family and the environment?

As a family-owned business, ABC prioritizes the safety of our customers, including their families and pets. We are meticulous when choosing products, selecting only those we would trust in our own homes. Moreover, we exclusively opt for solutions designed for residential use. Your ABC pest control expert will administer treatments with the utmost caution, employing minimal chemical concentrations to address your ant issue while prioritizing safety effectively.

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