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Do Plumbers Need a License in Texas?

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The Importance of Working with a Plumbing Professional

It can be tempting to turn to a local unlicensed handyman if you need plumbing work done in your Bryan-College Station home, but this’ll leave you without the protection that is associated with utilizing a licensed professional. In fact, the state of Texas requires individuals who perform plumbing services to have a license that verifies they’ve received the proper training. Anyone who holds a plumbing license in Texas has passed a board-certified examination, and this means that they should be properly equipped to handle any of your plumbing needs.

Are Plumbing Licenses Permanent?

Just like your driver’s license, it’s necessary for plumbers to periodically renew their license and registration. In order to obtain these renewals, licensed plumbers must attend continuing education courses. This helps ensure that they stay up-to-date on the latest techniques, and it also helps prevent the erosion of previously obtained knowledge. After all, anyone can forget something over time, but these continuing education requirements make it easier for plumbers to avoid developing bad habits that could negatively impact their customers.

What Happens if Someone isn’t Licensed?

Anyone who’s caught performing plumbing work without having the proper license will be fined a penalty of at least $2,000. The names of these individuals are also published annually by the state of Texas so that consumers can steer clear of people who fail to earn or renew their license. There were 34 fines assessed from September 2012 until August 2013, and this highlights the fact that there are many people who are more than willing to shirk their legal responsibilities. It’s important to consider the implications of this unwise decision before you hire one of these individuals in an effort to save money. The reality is that someone who’s not willing to be properly licensed is much more likely to perform shoddy work and disappear if you need any follow-up assistance.

How Can I Ensure That I Work with a Licensed Professional?

Anyone who’s properly licensed shouldn’t be hesitant to provide you with the necessary information for you to verify their status. Additionally, you can avoid having issues with plumbers who aren’t licensed by exclusively sticking with professional companies such as ABC Home & Commercial Services. Our company takes the state’s licensing requirements seriously, and we won’t allow anyone to perform work on our behalf who doesn’t have a current license.

If you need plumbing assistance in the Bryan-College Station area, you can contact ABC Home & Commercial Services to receive an estimate and schedule a service call.

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  1. Dani Grey Commented ()

    I’m glad that licenses are required in most states. It makes it much easier to know whether the person you’re having fix your plumbing is qualified to do so. Of course, customer reviews are far more important than certification, in my opinion. If people speak well of their service, then I don’t care too much whether their certified or not. The work quality will still be good.

  2. Mary Jane Princton Commented ()

    It is really comforting to know that plumbers need to be licensed. That definitely helps me feel better about seeking plumbing help. I would definitely suggest asking workers about their experience and licensing before you hire them. By doing that you can make sure that you hire the best worker for the job.

  3. Casey Jones Commented ()

    Good to know that plumbers need licences. Do you know if a different licence is required for residential versus commercial plumbing? I would like to hire the same company that did my home for my business.

  4. Brandon Roberts Commented ()

    It is actually really nice knowing that plumbers need to have a license. That way, you know that if you hire someone with one, that they know what they are doing, and will most likely perform great work. I’ll make sure I look for plumbers who have one the next time I am in need of someone.

  5. abby travers Commented ()

    I am trying to prepare my home for winter early this year. Right now I am focused on making sure the plumbing and heating systems really work well. What do preventative inspections typically cost? Hopefully the inspections won’t show any need for repairs.

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