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- Ronald R, March 2020
How soon can you solve my bed bug problem?

We get started solving your issues as soon as we hear from you. When you contact us, we’ll set up a free inspection, and as soon as we have inspected the situation and can provide you with a quote for services, we’ll start your treatment.

What happens during the free inspection?

The free inspection is designed to assess the present infestation, and advise you of the cost and how best to treat the issue. Our inspectors will thoroughly check for bed bugs as well as any other pest you may have, and provide you with a written estimate and recommendation. Once you agree to our pricing, we can get started with treatment by scheduling a start date.

What bed bug treatment methods do you use?

Our most preferred treatment method is also the most environmentally and family friendly. Heat Remediation is a process of introducing high heat (130 degrees or more) into the room or rooms where bed bugs are an issue. These temperatures will kill off bed bugs at all stages of development, without leaving any chemical residue or other substances. This treatment is extremely effective, and allows you and your family to return home immediately.

Why do you use this method?

Heat Remediation is extremely effective, and uses no chemical products. The benefits are huge, in that you get to destroy the bed bugs at all stages of development (adults & eggs), reducing the need for future treatments, and that you need not be concerned for your family or pets upon return to the household because there is no residue.

Is this method friendly for pets and children?

Because there are no chemicals used in Heat Remediation, you can rest easy knowing that we killed your bed bugs and there is no residue.

How can I prevent bed bugs from returning after treatment?

You may not be able to completely prevent bed bugs from entering your home, but you can help keep an infestation from spreading by being on the lookout for early signs of their presence. There are also things you can do to protect the parts of your home that may be the most vulnerable.

  • Clean up clutter – keeping clutter to a minimum prevents giving them additional places to shelter.
  • Regularly wash and heat-dry bed sheets, blankets, bedspreads and clothing that touches the floor. Bed bugs can hide in laundry baskets, so be sure to clean these as well when you do laundry.
  • Monitor the things coming into your home – luggage, used furniture, infested clothing can all be transports for bed bugs. Anytime you travel or have guests, inspect the things coming into your home for signs of bed bugs, and remove and clean them immediately.
  • Mattress Encasement – Bed bug-proof mattress encasements don’t prevent a bed bug infestation, but they can prevent the pests from infesting the mattress, and this can help with their detection and removal.
What does bed bug heat treatment look like at my home?
What else should I know about heat treatment?

This treatment, while being very, very effective, is labor intensive.  In addition to the work the ABC personnel will do as part of the scope of the job, you will also have some responsibilities prior to our crew's arrival.  We'll provide you with a checklist of tasks you need to fulfill to help ensure the success of your treatment.