Sprinkler Repair in Bryan-College Station, TX

Regular watering of your grass and plants can help them survive in our dry and hot climate. So when something goes wrong with your sprinklers, your yard will soon start to suffer. If you need sprinkler repair in Bryan-College Station, ABC Home & Commercial Services can help. Our licensed pros can address any issues and get your system up and running again.

We are available at all times to deal with your needs. Give us a call and our technicians will be there as soon as possible to assess your issue and provide solutions.  Depending on the time of year it can be same week, sometimes even same day.

The ABC Process

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1. Contact ABC

We’ll learn what you need over the phone or during an in-person meeting at your home. Usually, we can schedule an appointment in a few business days.

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2. Get An Estimate

We’ll provide you with an estimate based on your goals and our recommended set of services. Once we get your approval, we will get you on the schedule.

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3. Service

Our trained specialists perform all agreed-upon services. When we’re done, we will clean up any debris to keep your yard neat and looking great.

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4. Follow-Up

Depending on what services we performed on your property, we’ll provide you with an update or recommend additional follow-up or ongoing services.

ABC’s experienced irrigation technicians can handle any problems you may be facing with your sprinklers, including maintenance, leaks and timer issues.

Our pros routinely help Brazos Valley homeowners with the following types of sprinkler issues:

We can also work with you to modify your watering schedule over the course of the year to better suit your landscape and comply with current regulations.

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We can turn your vision for your yard into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Concept Behind Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a highly efficient moisture delivery system. Unlike above ground sprinklers which spray water to cover an area, drip irrigation delivers the moisture directly to the root systems of your plants and gardens.

Drip irrigation is designed to be an easy answer for anyone who wants to spend less time and effort watering their green spaces. A drip system releases water from tubing that is laid out and buried. This method provides more precision and less waste in watering, because each plant gets the appropriate amount of water it needs, with little evaporation or surface pooling and runoff.  It’s estimated that drip systems can save as much as 70% of the water used in traditional irrigation and sprinklers.

Drip irrigation is best for all planting beds with plants but can also be used beneath grass or turf. However, lines are easily cut or punctured, and use in yards and beneath turf should be done only with careful consideration of future yard projects.

Can My Planting Beds use Drip Irrigation?

Essentially, yes. If you have an a oddly shaped bed, patterning sprinklers to water only the bed and not nearby sidewalks and other parts of the landscape is best. Drip irrigation and soaker tubes & hoses are usually easy to fit in and designed to fit any bed. Additionally, drip irrigation wastes less water since the drip zone is immediately adjacent to plants and not being sprayed or blown by wind.

Can I use Drip Irrigation in Beds With Mulch?

Yes. Drip irrigation tubes and soaker hoses can be placed under mulch so they are not laying on top of the mulch. However, tubes & hoses are easily punctured or damaged and care should be taken when using tools around planting beds with drip irrigation beneath the mulch.

Things to Consider When Planning for Drip Irrigation

  • If nozzles or drip heads are spaced too far apart or not placed close enough to plants, not enough water may be disbursed.
  • Drip irrigation lines are easily damaged by gardening tools & equipment.
  • Emitters can clog with dirt or mineral deposits from hard water.
  • Rodents & other wildlife may chew into the tubing/hose searching for water.
  • Installation is probably best done by professional irrigators. Additionally, be aware of any municipal rules regarding irrigation devices being attached to the home’s plumbing system. Some municipalities require the use of a backflow device to protect public water systems.

Do I need to winterize my irrigation system?

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“Ever since I got ABC to do my pest control it's been hit and miss with techs they sent. Then they sent Nick Teutsch aka the amazing Flynn Ryder himself and ever since then he is the only tech I request to do my pest control. He is super friendly and ever since he started I haven't had any bug problems whatsoever and if I did it was never a problem to get him to help us. He also recommended their AC department which I gladly signed up for and continued to be impressed since other AC people around here tend to makeup issues and gouge me for money. Not these people at ABC. If you decide on ABC for pest control, ask for Nick and you will have a wonderful reliable experience.”

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