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What can ABC do for my trees?

ABC’s experienced team can handle any type of problem or question you have about your trees.

Tree Service College Station

In addition to helping you select which types of trees would grow best in your yard, homeowners in College Station and Bryan frequently call on ABC to help with:

Tree Trimming

Pruning your trees on a regular basis can help prevent the spread of disease, improve how a tree looks, promote new growth and protect your family against the risk of being injured by falling branches and limbs.

Most homeowners are unsure of exactly when and how to trim their trees. Even if you understand proper pruning techniques, you may not have the tools for the job. Tree trimming is also a time-intensive project which involves extension ladders and dangers associated with working high off the ground.

ABC’s tree care experts can remove dead or damaged limbs, promote better air flow in the tree canopy and keep your trees healthy for years to come.

Tree Limb Removal

The sudden and powerful storms we experience here in the Bryan/College Station area can leave behind a significant amount of fallen tree limbs and branches.

The experts at ABC quickly take care of post-storm debris and check your trees for any more significant damage. With ABC’s help, your yard can get back to looking its best and your trees can stay healthy.

Tree Removal

The risks associated with falling branches and limbs pale in comparison to the dangers of a falling tree falling on your property. Damaged roots, strong winds, disease and structural defects can all lead to instability, which can eventually cause a tree to fall.  

Unfortunately, homeowners often don’t spot the warning signs that a tree is in trouble. Even when they do, removing a tree is a big job. Count on the lawn specialists at ABC to inspect your trees for signs of problems, give you an honest assessment of whether you tree needs to be removed and to take care of your tree removal if you decide you need to take action.

What happens during the free consultation?

When you contact ABC for tree service, we will schedule a time that works for you for an inspector to meet you at your home. At that time, our inspector will:

  • Ask you questions to learn more about what you would like done and your budget

  • Take a closer look at your trees and yard

  • Make recommendations on how to best care for your trees

  • Answer any questions you might have

After that meeting, ABC will send you a FREE, no-obligation estimate. Once you approve the estimate, we can schedule a time for the work to begin. In most cases, our tree specialists can perform tree service when you are away at work.   

What should I do to protect my trees?

Although experienced tree specialists are best qualified to evaluate your trees and provide recommendations on how to improve tree health, there are a few things homeowners can do on their own to help protect the trees on their property.

Safeguard your trees by:

  • Planting trees away from your home’s foundation. It’s difficult to predict exactly how and where a tree’s roots will grow. By planting trees away from your home’s foundation, you will protect your foundation from potential damage as the root system develops.

  • Watching for falling limbs and branches. One sign that a tree is dead or diseased is that it first sheds leaves, followed by small limbs and larger branches. To avoid a fallen tree, pay attention to these signs that a tree might be unhealthy and have a lawn specialist come to check it out sooner rather than later.

  • Avoiding soil compaction around your tree’s roots. A tree’s root system not only provides a pathway to nourish the plant, but also helps stabilize the entire tree. Avoid heavy foot traffic, mowing and aerating around your tree’s roots and keep trees away from driveways and walkways so that roots get the oxygen and sunlight they need.

How do I know if my trees are in trouble?

While wilting leaves and droopy stems can tell you if your houseplant needs attention, warning signs from our trees can be harder to spot. If in doubt, your best bet is to always consult a tree care professional to assess your tree’s health. A few warning signs you can look for on your own include:

  • Discolored, brown or wilting leaves

  • Growths, spots or holes on leaves

  • Slower than normal growth

  • Dead branches

  • Rotted or decaying branches or limbs

  • Infestations of pests or related damage

What tree diseases and conditions are most commonly seen here in the Bryan/College Station area?

Different trees are vulnerable to different conditions. ABC’s lawn care specialists can diagnose typical tree problems, including:

  • Oak wilt

  • Hypoxylon cankers

  • Root rot

  • Bacterial leaf scorch

  • Pest infestations

  • Blight

  • Drought damage

Once you diagnose your tree problem, trust ABC’s tree care experts to advise you on a treatment plan so that your trees can remain a vibrant part of your landscape.

Can mulch help my trees?

Mulch can improve your trees’ health by:

  • Helping retain water so that roots get the nourishment they need

  • Protecting the tree against extreme temperatures

  • Preventing the growth of weeds, which can divert needed water and food  

  • Creating better airflow and discouraging soil compaction

  • Providing a buffer to protect your tree’s roots from damage from mowing or aeration

To help your tree maximize the benefits of mulch, we recommend:

  • Clearing grass within a ten-foot radius of your tree

  • Applying a layer of mulch between two and four inches, depending on our tree’s size

  • Choosing a natural type of mulch, such as pieces of bark or wood chips

  • Spreading the mulch carefully so you don’t damage your tree’s root system

Why should I trust my tree care to ABC?

Homeowners in Bryan and College Station have trusted their trees to ABC for decades. Our customers tell us that they appreciate that our tree care experts treat their property as they would their own. In addition to performing in-house training and having experienced tree care pros on staff, ABC conducts extensive background checks and drug testing so that our customers can feel safe having ABC care for their trees.