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Here in Brazos County, oaks and other trees provide us with welcome shade. Trees can also help lower our utility bills and add to our curb appeal. But, tree care requires knowledge, tools and time that many of us don’t have. When it comes to tree service in Bryan-College Station, homeowners count on ABC Home & Commercial Services. Our pros can handle all aspects of tree care, including tree removal, trimming and fertilization.

ABC’s experienced team can handle any type of problem or question you have about your trees.

Trees require specialized care that is often best performed by highly-trained professionals who have a thorough understanding of how local conditions and weather can impact tree health. ABC’s tree care specialists can assess your trees and suggest a plan to treat a variety of issues. Some of the most common tree care services we provide include:

Disease Remediation

There are a number of different conditions that can affect your trees and the best plan of action begins with accurately diagnosing the problem. Depending on the nature and severity of the problem, we may recommend trunk injections, foliar sprays or another treatment method.

Some of the more common tree diseases we see in the area include:

With the help of our tree care professionals, we can help get your trees back to optimal health.

Insect and Pest Removal

You may be worried when you notice insects on your trees and the potential negative impact these creatures may have on your tree health. Your ABC specialist can conduct an assessment to determine what type of intervention may be necessary, which can include trunk injections or insecticide sprays.

Tree Fertilization

Providing your trees with additional nutrients can help with healthy root development and can help protect your trees against disease. Our technicians can inspect your trees to determine if your trees would benefit from fertilization. If this is the case, we can recommend a schedule of visits to keep your trees healthy throughout the year.

Tree Trimming

There are a number of reasons why homeowners may need to have tree branches pruned, including:

Unfortunately, tree trimming can be a difficult task, especially if you have large oak trees with dense branches.

ABC’s tree care professionals can trim back these tree branches safely and in a way that keeps your trees healthy. Furthermore, we can remove unsightly growths such as deadwood or moss balls, and we can clear any branches or twigs that may have fallen on your roof during a storm. You can even rely on our specialists to recommend and then make repairs on your property if damage from the storm was extensive.

Tree Removal

Over time, the trees on your property may die or become diseased. Or, there are situations in which a homeowner may have to make the difficult decision to remove a healthy tree because its growing too close to the home’s foundation or utility lines. Or, you need to make room for a home remodel. In any of these situations, tree removal is best handled by a professional. ABC’s tree care professionals can advise you on whether tree removal is your best option. If it is, we can safely remove the tree for you.

Tree Air Excavation

As we walk around our trees, the soil surrounding our trees can become compacted. As time goes on, this tightly packed soil makes it difficult for our trees to get adequate water and nutrients. With our tree air excavation services, we loosen up compacted soil to ensure that your trees are getting all of the necessary nutrients to grow healthy and strong.

The ABC Process

1. Contact ABC

We’ll learn what you need over the phone or during an in-person meeting at your home. Usually, we can schedule an appointment in a few business days.

2. Get An Estimate

We’ll provide you with an estimate based on your goals and our recommended set of services. Once we get your approval, we will get you on the schedule.

3. Service

Our trained specialists perform all agreed-upon services. When we’re done, we will clean up any debris to keep your yard neat and looking great.

4. Follow-Up

Depending on what services we performed on your property, we’ll provide you with an update or recommend additional follow-up or ongoing services.

In addition to receiving extensive in-house training, ABC’s tree care team members hold the following professional accreditations:

Choosing a company with such extensive experience helps ensure that your trees will be cared for by individuals with the most up-to-date and accurate information on both native and non-native species. In addition to these accreditations, ABC is a proud member of both the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).

an ABC specialist at the door of a customer and her daughter talking about ABC services

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We can turn your vision for your yard into reality.

Homeowners in Bryan-College Station have trusted their trees to ABC for decades. Our customers tell us that they appreciate that our tree care experts treat their property as they would their own. In addition to performing in-house training and having experienced tree care pros on staff, ABC conducts extensive background checks and drug testing so that our customers can feel safe having ABC care for their trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some warning signs that might indicate a problem with my trees?

Unfortunately, long-term damage may have already occurred by the time most homeowners suspect something might be wrong with their trees. If you are concerned about a tree on your property, don’t put off contacting a trusted tree care expert to help advise you on the best next steps.

Warning signs of an unhealthy tree include:

  • Brown, wilted or discolored leaves
  • Spots or holes on growths or leaves
  • Dead branches
  • Slowed growth
  • Sudden or excessive leaf loss
  • Rotting and decay
  • Pest infestations and related damage

What should I do to protect my trees?

Homeowners value their trees, but are often unsure what they can do on their own to protect this important part of their landscape.

A few things you can do to care for your trees is to:

  • Avoid planting trees right next to your home’s foundation. Homeowners are often unable to predict how a tree’s root structure will develop over time, and tree roots too close to your living structure can penetrate your foundation or cause instability.
  • Remove dead trees close to your house. Over time, a dead tree will shed smaller twigs and then larger branches. Eventually, the trunk can fall unless it is removed.
  • Protect root systems from damage by preventing soil compaction. Tree roots provide stability and nourishment. Roots can be cut while you are digging and aerating in your lawn, and the pressure from cars and even heavy foot traffic can harm your trees.

Can mulch help my trees?

Mulch can be beneficial to your tree’s health by:

  • Providing a buffer against extreme temperatures
  • Retaining water to keep roots nourished
  • Discouraging weeds, which drain needed moisture and nutrients from your soil
  • Preventing soil compaction
  • Reducing damage to roots that might occur when mowing your lawn

To get the most benefit from mulch:

  • Remove grass in a three to ten-foot radius of your tree, depending on the size of your tree
  • Add a two to four-inch layer of natural mulch, such as wood chips or pieces of bark
  • Carefully spread mulch so that you don’t accidentally cut or damage any roots.

What happens during the free consultation?

When you contact ABC for tree service, we will schedule a time that works for you for an inspector to meet you at your home. At that time, our inspector will:

  • Ask you questions to learn more about what you would like done and your budget
  • Take a closer look at your trees and yard
  • Make recommendations on how to best care for your trees
  • Answer any questions you might have

After that meeting, ABC will send you a FREE, no-obligation estimate. Once you approve the estimate, we can schedule a time for the work to begin. In most cases, our tree specialists can perform tree service when you are away at work.

What does oak wilt service look like?

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“We contacted ABC for dirt work and sod after having an in-ground pool installed. We met with Dakota who came out and discussed our project and the challenges of a steep drop off around the pool. He provided a plan immediately and scheduled our project in a timely manner. Dakota kept us up to date on the schedule and what to expect. The team of Michael and Brandon did an excellent job grading our yard and placing the sod. They were on time, polite, and answered any questions we had. They cleaned up the area and left no debris from the project behind. I highly recommend ABC in College Station.”

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“I was late getting home due to work demands, but the team (Whitney in the office and Dustin at the house) covered for me and it all worked out. Thank you for understanding and delivering great service, ABC! Dustin explained exactly what pesticide he used and where-inside and outside the house. Will highly recommend them to others.”

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