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What tree services do you offer?

If it grows outside, we can take care of it for you. We offer a full range of arboreal services including basic trimming, inspection and fertilization, and storm damage mitigation.

I have a tree that looks unhealthy. What should I do?

Call us right away! By the time a tree is showing signs of distress, it may already be far along the road to long-term damage. If you value your trees, let ABC visit and make an assessment of your trees’ needs.

What are the qualifications of your arborists?

Our professional arborists are ISA certified, Texas Oak Wilt certified and TDA Commercial Pesticide Applicator certified. They are trained and experienced in dealing with the native and nonnative trees of central Texas - especially the wide variety of Oaks we have here. We employ the best of the best so that you can rest easy knowing your trees will be in good hands.



Why is it important for me to take good care of my trees and shrubs?

Trees and shrubs provide shade and shelter and can add visual interest to your outdoor living space. It’s important that they stay healthy and trim, so that they’re beautiful on the outside and healthy on the inside.  There are estimates by the real estate industry that say healthy, desirable trees contribute up to 20% of a home's value at sale time.

Additionally, there's a safety factor.  When trees get large & mature, uncared for trees can become disease-riddled.  From there strong winds (or even mild winds) can cause larger branches to fall causing damage to roofs, fences, cars and people.