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- Michelle O, June 2020
What should I do if I find a fire ant mound on my property?

Don’t go near it! Ants will swarm from a disturbed nest, and in great numbers can cause pain or lasting harm. Keep pets and children away from the mound, and remember where the mound is so you can show our experts when they come to inspect your property.

How soon can you come to eliminate my fire ant problem?

If you think you need fire ants eliminated from your property, give us a call or fill out the application for service online. We will set up a free inspection at your earliest convenience (usually same week, sometime same day) and get to work eliminating your pests as soon as possible.

What does ABC do to get rid of fire ants?

Once we know the extent and location of your fire ant mounds, we will deploy a combination of tactics for elimination. Our experts will coordinate a mixture of bait and liquid barriers to handle the ants. The baits are toxic to ants, and they will bring them into their mound, which will effectively eliminate the population in a relatively short time.  Our technicians will work with you to set up an regular treatment to ensure your problem is history.