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Pests in the Attic

Animals and other urban wildlife are always looking for places to breed, store food and hide from predators. Unfortunately, some creatures may choose to take up residence in your attic. They use vents and other small openings to gain entry. Some of them stay inside the attic; others leave during the night to search for food.

An assortment of pests live in attics. They include various insects, rodents, birds and bats. Some raccoons and opossums also appreciate the shelter that an attic provides. Most of these creatures are nocturnal and can carry small parasites, such as fleas and ticks.

Pests often damage the attic and eventually harm other parts of the home. Rodents may chew on telephone or electrical wires. Some animals destroy insulation or air ducts. Raccoons can even tear holes through the roof. This kind of destruction may cause major water leaks or a fire.

Pests can also defecate and urinate in the attic. If a large animal like a raccoon does this, it can create strong odors and ceiling stains. Many types of pests will destroy any items that you have stored in the attic. They use the materials to make nests. Mice, for example, have been known to build them inside old radios and computers.

You may realize that there are animals in your attic when you hear noises overhead. However, some creatures usually remain silent. There are other ways to detect them. You may notice seeds or shredded insulation on the floor. If you find droppings on the wall or ceiling near a vent, bats might be living in your home.

There are also some things you should avoid. Do not poison rodents; they could die in the wall and cause odors. Never confront a raccoon or allow pets and children to get near them. Raccoons are stronger and more dangerous than they look. They are also one of the most likely animals to carry rabies in the United States, according to Texas A&M.

To prevent an infestation, put metal screens on all possible entry vents. Look for cracks and holes to patch. Don’t put materials in the attic that animals might use to build nests. Eliminate sources of food near your home, such as garbage and outdoor pet food.

When you discover one or more pests in the attic, it’s important to take action immediately before they have the opportunity to reproduce. Our specialists at ABC Home & Commercial Services will combine their extensive knowledge and experience for insect, bat or rodent removal. We can also trap larger pests like raccoons and opossums. After removing the pests from your attic, an ABC professional will also take the necessary steps to prevent another pest problem. You can trust in ABC for Austin pest control that is timely, effective and preventive.

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