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Protect Your Family & Pets: Dangers of Mosquitoes, Ticks & Fleas

Fleas, mosquitoes and ticks are not just nuisances. They can also spread diseases in humans and pets. Keeping these bug populations under control with proper Austin lawn care and pest control is the key to avoiding some of the serious effects their bites have.


With all of the recent rain in Austin, the mosquito population is high. In addition to causing itchy red bumps, mosquitoes can carry several forms of West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever and encephalitis. These diseases have the potential to cause fatalities. Aside from humans, mosquitoes are the cause of heartworms in animals. Heartworms can either kill or significantly reduce the lifespan of your family pets.


There are many different types of ticks carrying various diseases, but the ticks in Austin are known for carrying Rocky Mountain spotted fever, typhus, relapsing fever, ehrlichiosis and Lyme disease. Since symptoms of Lyme disease are often misdiagnosed, it is important to know the destructive effects of it. Some cases of these diseases end in death, so Austin residents should visit a doctor immediately if flu-like symptoms follow a tick bite.


Although fleas are more of a threat to pets than humans, they can still cause itchy bites and infest entire homes. However, a few cases of plague and cat scratch disease are reported each year. Both are bacterial infections spread to humans by fleas that have bitten infected or wild animals. Fleas can cause diseases in pets. Some dogs and cats also develop flea allergy dermatitis, which is a miserable, itchy skin disorder.

All of these tiny pests thrive in overgrown, unkempt lawns. For both eradication and prevention of ticks, fleas and mosquitoes, call an Austin lawn maintenance and pest control company. ABC Home & Commercial Services offers dependable Austin irrigation and lawn service in addition to effective pest control methods. We specialize in getting rid of these difficult pests and helping your lawn remain a pleasant place to be.

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