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Upgrade Your AC System to Beat the Heat

How to stay cool and save cash

An average July temperature of 95 degrees means that Austin homeowners need efficient, effective solutions to beat the heat. A well-designed, professionally installed HVAC system can go a long way toward keeping any house comfortably cool even on scorching days. Unfortunately, many homeowners worry that keeping their properties cool during the spring and summer months means shouldering unbelievably high electricity bills. Instead of stressing about staying on budget, consider how upgrading your air conditioning system now can help you beat the heat and save money.

Keeping Up With Heating and Cooling Needs

Taking time to honestly evaluate your heating and cooling needs is the first step towards choosing energy-efficient upgrades that will help you stay comfortable while cutting down on costs. Think about how you use your current HVAC system. Is your system able to meet your cooling demands? In what ways does your system fall short of meeting your needs? Jot down any concerns that you have about your current AC unit so that you can discuss them with your contractor.

Evaluating your property is also key to making good choices when it comes to an AC upgrade. Have an experienced contractor complete system sizing so that you know what size unit you need for your home. You’ll also need to take into consideration whether your home currently uses ductwork to deliver treated air to various rooms. You can choose from both ductless and central air AC options.

Smart Choices to Keep Utility Bills Down

When it comes to making an AC upgrade, the most important decision is what type of system you’ll use. Depending on your home’s current structure, you may be able to use:

Central air heating and cooling systems that use ductwork to circulate treated air throughout your home.

Ductless heating and cooling systems that use individual air handlers to circulate treated air throughout your home.

You’ll also need to pick new heating and cooling units with high energy efficiency ratings. Heat pumps are a great choice for homeowners in our area thanks to their efficiency and ability to provide service during both heating and cooling seasons. Look for heating and AC units that have ENERGY STAR approval and have earned high SEER, EER or HSPF ratings.

Through Austin Energy’s PowerSaver Program, homeowners can also secure rebates, incentives and competitive loans in order to make energy-efficient upgrades to their homes. To learn more about how we can help you make efficient upgrades, call the professionals at ABC Home & Commercial Services to set up an appointment today.

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