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Here's what some of our satisfied customers have been saying:

Plumbing Testimonials

Mike Snow was recently out for a plumbing visit.  He was nice, courteous, and he fixed everything right up and did a good job.

– Paige O., April 2, 2015

Hey guys -- my new water heater is in!  Joe did a great job.  It turns out, we were replacing the original ...32+ years old.  Thank you so much for your help.  Hugs to you and Randy!

– Kate B., November 4, 2014

Carson solved an issue after a third party failed twice before. I was very impressed with his work. He was very skilled and professional. I will be calling for future services and am more than satisfied.

– Mona H., May 29, 2014

Carson Vaughn in plumbing is definately an asset to ABC. I am thrilled to have had him out to my home. I don't know if there is something ya'll can do for him, but give him a pat on the back or something. He is definitely a fine young man and did good work for me.

– Alanda P., October 15, 2013

Pest & Termite Testimonials

I recently received an email from you requesting that I complete a survey regarding my satisfaction with ABC Home & Commercial Services.   I have completed the survey, very positively I may add; and, it prompted me to go one step farther.  My husband and I have used other pest control services in the past but our needs were minimal.  It was not until we moved to the “country” that we decided to put some real effort into searching out a provider that would meet our growing needs, match our budget and be pleasant to work with.  I am happy to share with you that the folks we worked with from ABC were unsurpassed in their pleasantries, timeliness and affordability.  Your team treated us as if we were their neighbors – people we could trust to do what was promised.  And, that’s exactly what we got.  From my first phone call to the follow up email to the assistance with billing, the entire experience was A+. I’m sure it seems as though I’m going a bit overboard but I work in the Admissions Office at Texas A&M.  I know from firsthand experience that people typically only feel the need to share negative feedback.  Very rarely am I called by someone to express what fantastic customer service he or she received from one of my Admissions Counselors – and, take my word for it, they are a dedicated group.  So, I wanted to take a couple of minutes out of my day to pat your team on the back for a job well done!  Thanks & Gig ‘Em!

– Brandie E., February 24, 2015

Rick Lobello is always on time and does a wonderful job. Always goes above and beyond; and above all that, he is very nice and caring to us.

– Joann J., December 10, 2014

Steve Gibson is very courteous about calling ahead of time to see if it's okay if he comes out. I want ABC to know how much I appreciate the call. I appreciate Steve being our technician. Thanks!

– Delbert & Marga P., August 22, 2014

RICK Lobello is AWESOME! He's amazing with my 3 year old daughter and does a wonderful job. I want him as my only technician!!

– Patty A., June 11, 2014

Billy has done a great job. He is very thorough.  I want Billy only for service from now on. Thanks, ABC!

– Lynne W., February 24, 2014

I wanted to commend Steve Gibson for his services. He is very personable and thorough, and we would like for him to service our property moving forward. We appreciate having someone we can depend on.

– David & Barbara C., December 18, 2013

I am super pleased with the service provided by Billy Woods. I really feel like he deserves a raise and wanted Billy's superiors to know that I was so happy with the work done. Everyone at ABC always does great and deserves a raise, but especially Billy.

– Carl C., December 6, 2013

I wanted to tell you how efficient, throrough, friendly, and professional Mike Wilkinson was doing my service today. He is a fine representative of your company.

– Michael S., September 25, 2013

Thanks for closing our account. As I mentioned over the phone, we have moved to Canada, sold our home and therefore no longer need pest service.  It was such a pleasure to have been served by you. My kids *loved* (as did we) the pest care professional who would come to our home. It was always nice to see him and we will miss him terribly.

– Deepa K., July 10, 2013

I wanted to compliment Michael Wolf. I am very pleased with his overall attitude. He made everything so easy for me to understand. He is the sweetest man I have ever dealt with.  I wanted to make sure he gets the credit that he deserves.

– Patricia B., July 1, 2013

I am very pleased with Rick L. I have done business with him for a long while now, and he is the only other face than Bobby's that I associate with ABC in College Station. I'm pleased to let you know that Rick represented the company well!

– Pat W., March 28, 2013

James Zavala has always done a great lawn maintenance service. He should be recognized for his work, since he has always maintained such a great level of service.

– Fernando G., January 28, 2013

I wanted to compliment Mike W. for the wonderful service he provided today. Mike was very professional, thorough, personable and methodical. I was completely satisfied with the service - more so than in the past! I would have to say he was, if not THE BEST specialist we've ever had, then the best we've had in a long while. I would like Mike to be our specialist from here on out!

– John H., January 11, 2013

I wanted to compliment Billy on his very thorough pest control service. Not only that, but my roommate had forgotten it was trash day, and Billy actually took the trash with him to dispose of it for us!  I was very happy.

– Angie S., November 8, 2012

This note is to express the courtesty your representative showed to me today. He offered to spray the wasps on my front porch, because he was concerned with their numbers and proximity. I was concerned for his life when they came flying down. As it turned out, he was unharmed, and now the wasps are demolished. Are you not pleased to have such an observant and kind person in your employ? I would be.

– Roberta I., August 6, 2012

Steve Gibson always does a great job! He's very nice and very professional!

– Gary B. , April 11, 2012

We called in to ABC to schedule our routine quarterly appointment and made sure that Rick Lobello would be our tech. He is like family to us and has always been consistant and trustworthy. We will always use Rick.  

– Gina O., February 15, 2012

I'm very thankful for Milton's hard work and follow up. He went out of his way to help, and I just wanted to say that I'm appreciative of him. Thanks for a job well done!

– Ms. Valasek, September 9, 2011

I would like to express my appreciation for the very commendable service provided by two of your employees. Recently, my wife and I purchased a property in College Station. Immediately, we found we had a scorpion problem, and we called your company for help. In a very short order of time, your employee (James) went to the property and gave me a detailed assessment of the problems and solutions that were applicable to the home. That afternoon, a second employee (Tim) came out and treated the place. Tim did a very fine job, and I was impressed with the amount of time he devoted to us and the comprehensive manner in which he went around the house explaining what he was doing, looking for, and treating. We definitely think we got our money’s worth from these two gentlemen. Again, a very fine effort by your company. Thank you.

– John B., April 4, 2011

Thank you so much for sending someone to inspect this family's home and help them with the infestation of rats in their home. We truly are blessed to have community partners in College Station that will help us as we work with our Head Start and Pre-K families. We truly appreciate your generosity of time and funds to help this family to live in a healthier environment.

– P. Osborne

I live at Huntington apartment complex.  ABC was called out for ants in my apartment  I can not recall the worker's name, but he was extremely friendly.  He was nice to my five year old, and the constant barking of the chihuahua didn't phase him one bit.  Keep up the good work!!

– B. Bosquez

Christmas Lights Testimonials

I just finished servicing a restaurant and noticed they had installed holiday lights.  They were installed perfectly. I mean, 100% perfectly.  I wasn't aware that ABC had done these lights until I saw my paperwork.  I just wanted you to know that Jose Gordil and his crew did an excellent job.  They have a very slippery metal roof, and it was not an easy one at Paolo's Italian Kitchen. Great work from those guys.

– Jason W., November 18, 2014

Just wanting to let you know that Frankie did a GREAT job. Downtown Bryan looks good, and they are all most though with Blue Bell, and that is just amazing. I wanted you to know what a great help Frankie is.

– Mike B., November 21, 2013

Lawn & Landscape Testimonials

I just called into say what a great job the lawn guys did on my yard. It was in really bad shape. I can't praise them enough. They were terrific. The gentlemen did a great job.

– Jeanette M., June 25, 2014

Mike Wolf met me yesterday, came out yesterday, and sold me service. Steve Adams and Isidor came out and did the work today. It is absolutely spectacular. They edged and mowed it, mulched it.  I am happy. All these people were all cordial and patient with me, and I am happy as a clam. Thanks!

– Simone W., March 24, 2014

I wanted to put it on file that I think Milton is wonderful. He is always prompt and polite!

– Shirley Y., March 21, 2014

I request Steve Adams as my primary lawn maintenance person. I really appreciate the quality of service that Steve Adams provides.

– Bob S., March 18, 2014

Milton does great work. Never take him off of my route. You would be hard pressed to find a gentlemen as nice as him. Always right as rain. We just really like him.

– Diana D., January 31, 2014

I had one of your guys come out and analyze our lawn.  Mr. Scarmado did a really thorough job both analyzing the problems and then explaining the treatments to us.  Turns out we have cinch bugs.  They are coming back Saturday to start the treatments, and my husband Jordan and I are thrilled.  We can’t wait to have a beautiful lawn!  Thanks for everything you all do.

– Allison M., March 23, 2012

We want to thank Steve for 15 years of flawless lawn care and true professional service. You are truly appreciated. Please know that I will never find another service like yours. I have already recommended you to the new owner of the home. 

– Susan W. , November 7, 2011

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