ABC Cares About The Community

We are dedicated to helping the community, whether it’s through the donation of services to the less fortunate or by volunteering with external organizations to better the lives of others.

ABC team members at a community event

ABC has been a local institution since 1949. The company began only providing pest control and has since branched into many other home services, although offerings vary by location. We have offices all over the southern part of the United States, with key central offices for our eastern operations in Houston and Orlando.


Our Charity Partners

a group of ABC employees volunteering

Anteater Advocates

Anteater Advocates is an internal organization composed of ABC employees who provide volunteer work to our community. Additionally, we provide non-profit organizations with complimentary pest control services throughout the Orlando metro.

Raleigh Jenkins with children from the Child’s Hope orphanage

A Child’s Hope

A child's hope is a cause that is very close to our hearts and something we are deeply involved in. We offer support to orphaned and abandoned children in Orlando and around the world, as James 1:27 calls us to do. After the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, countless children found themselves orphaned and alone. We are working to build a community in Haiti, called A Child’s Hope, which will offer community and fellowship, educational opportunities, and vocational training. It will be a place where children can not only live, but thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has ABC been around?

ABC has been a Texas institution since 1949 and local to the Houston area since 1986. The Orlando office opened in 2011. The company began providing pest control, which it still does in Houston in Orlando. In Houston, service offerings have expanded into many other areas, making ABC the most trusted home and commercial service provider in the area.

How can I request an event sponsorship?

Send info to: Tiffani & Vanessa at

Can you put me in touch with an expert on your staff?

Sure, reach out to Tiffani & Vanessa at

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