Orlando Mosquito Control video transcript

[Cameo and Ben standing outside in a wooded area]

Cameo: Hey, y’all, I’m Cameo Jenkins with ABC Home and Commercial Services. I’m here with Ben Johnson. He is the operations manager of the Pest Control Division at ABC. And we are going to be talking about mosquitoes today.

[Text screen: Mosquito Protection]

So we hear about it in the news–Mosquito borne illnesses. So what can ABC do?

Ben: Yeah, so we live in Houston, so mosquitoes are always going to be constant. We’re always going to have that pressure. There’s lots of things we can do.

[voice over text screen: “Mosquito Services”]

We have automated misting
systems that we install.

[Text: Install automated misting systems]

We have monthly suppression
services that we do as well.

[Text: Perform monthly suppression Services]

Kind of newest thing that’s come out is what I’m holding right here.

[Text: MLS (Mosquito Larvacide Station]
[Text ends]

[Ben is holding an MLS unit]

Cameo: OK, what is this thing?

Ben: Yes. So this is our MLS station–mosquito larvacide station.

[Text Page: How the MLS System works]

(ben voice over text)
[Text: Mosquitoes lay eggs in water inside MLS station]

What this is going to do is the female mosquito is going to come lay your eggs in here. So you got standing water, a perfect breeding site for her.

[Text: Those eggs will not be able to hatch]

She’s going to fly and lay her eggs and those eggs are not going to be able to hatch out of there. And then she’s going to move on. And everywhere that she flies and lands.

[Text: Mosquitoes transfers growth regulator to other locations, making those areas sterile]

From there, she’s going to transfer some of this growth regulator product, making other areas sterile for mosquitoes to breed.

[Text ends]

Cameo: So we are using the insect. She she is applying our product for us.
Wow. Genius. Revolutionary.

So is this safe? Can people put this throughout their yards? What about for kids? For pets?

[Cameo voice over text: “MLS – A Safe Product]
[Text: Targeted specifically to mosquito biology and habits]

There are bees. There are butterflies that we’re trying to protect.

So is this going to affect any of those?

Ben (voice over text):

[Text: Pet and Kid Friendly, will not harm other insects]

No, this is absolutely targeted to the biology and habits of the mosquito. This is a very, very friendly product for consumers, for pets, completely safe.

[Text: Placed in hidden or shielded locations]

When we’re talking about bees and butterflies and all those non target insects.

[Text ends]

Cameo: Again, this is called the mosquito larvicide station. There is more information on our website. If you would like to know more about getting this in your yard or in your or business, go to abchomeandcommercial.com

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