Orlando Termite Control video transcript

[Cameo Jenkins and Steve Martin, employees of ABC Home and Commercial Services stand in a living room]

Cameo: Hey, y’all. I’m Cameo Jenkins, I’m here with Steve Martin. He is the entomologist at ABC Home and Commercial Services, and he is also our training director.

So, Steve, our homes are our biggest investment. When I hear the word termite, I am scared to death.

Steve (voice over text)

[Text: Protecting You Home from Termites]
[Text ends]

[Scene changes to a rock formation where termites might live]

And there’s a reason to be because .They can do a lot of damage.

[End scene]


Cameo: What are some warning signs? What do I need to look out for?

Steve: Well, you need to walk around the
perimeter of your house and look at the slab.

[Scene changes to the slab of the house with mud tunnels]
(Steve voice over scene and text)

You see these flood tunnels coming up the slab. That’s an indication that you have a problem.

[Text screen: Termite Warning Signs]

Another indication would be that same mud inside the house coming out of the sheetrock.

[Text: “Mud tunnels” on the outside (slab) or inside (sheetrock) of house]

Anywhere from February through June

[Text: February – June “Swarm Flight,” lots of wings or bugs on the ground inside your home; “Mud tunnels” on the outside (slab) or inside (sheetrock) of house]


You can have these swarm flights.You come in from work one afternoon and you look on the floor and you’ve got all these wings and these bugs crawling on the ground. That’s an indication that you have a problem and you need to do something.

[Text ends]

Cameo: And they kind of look like ants, right?

Steve: They’re confused with ants every day.

[Steve voice over]
[Scene of termites swarming inside a piece of old wood.]

So you want to make sure you have a professional come out and identify your problem so that you know that those are termites that you’re treating for.

[Scene ends]

Cameo: Right. OK, so what can they do to help with that?

Steve: Well, one of the things that ABC can do is we can put monitoring stations out around the perimeter of the house just to detect termites that are living in the area.

[Text screen: Termite Services; Install Monitoring equipment around the perimeter of house]

You can have termites included with your pest control

[Text: Include termite inspections with regular pest control]

Or you have a trained technician come out and perform pest control. And during that process, they’re inspecting your home for termites.

[Text: Treat hidden entry points to protect your house]

If you know that you have termites, ABC can come in and can treat those entry points termites enter into the house on the outside beam wall, they enter the house through the plumbing and through cracks in the slab.

And so ABC can come in and protect your house from termites and from further damage.

[End Text]

Cameo: Well, thank you so much, Steve. Awesome information. Great for everyone to know. Again, protect your biggest investment. Feel free to check out our blog. We talk a lot about termites. They have lots of pictures, frequently asked questions. And if you suspect you have a problem or just want a professional opinion, call ABC Home and Commercial Services.

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