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Empty Nesters: Now is the Time to Think About Remodeling!

The kids are off to college and the house is starting to feel empty. With the kids gone and a house that belongs to the adults again, now is the time to start on an Austin remodeling project that will make the vision you have for your home become reality.

Transforming an Empty Bedroom

If your kids aren’t planning on spending any long periods of time at home after leaving for college, you’re probably wondering what to do with their empty bedrooms. Many couples have visions of dens, libraries or a personal home gym. The best option may be to combine one of these ideas with a guest bedroom that welcomes family and friends to visit overnight.

Be sure to integrate the design so that you can use the room for personal purposes and maintain its functionality as a private space for guests. For a guest bedroom design, ABC Home & Commercial Services can help with any changes you’d like to make to your closets, paint color, flooring, windows, doors and lighting fixtures. Our specialists can give your room(s) a much-needed facelift.

Gaining an Extra Bathroom

If you had a bathroom just for the kids prior to their move, it’s likely that you weren’t overly concerned about the design elements of the bathroom. Now, you could possibly be left with a bathroom that’s functional but dated. Take the time to invest in a home improvement project that can make your extra bathroom a relaxing oasis. Have you thought about adding a Jacuzzi tub in your home? How about something as simple as a double vanity? Now may be a great time for an Austin remodeling specialists to get started on the bathroom of your dreams.

Creating an Open Floor Plan

Having a full house doesn’t lend itself to a construction project that requires knocking down walls and opening up the floor plan of common living areas. Now that the kids are out of the house, you have the opportunity to pursue construction projects that transform your common living area into one large, flowing space.

If you’re ready to hire a professional who can offer contracting services for home improvement in the Austin area, consider ABC Home & Commercial Services for your Austin remodeling needs.

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