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Images and Logo Links

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When you use an ABC image or logo on your website, please link it to us.

Code example for linking an image:

Tyler home services

Be sure to include a descriptive alt image tag within the code snippet. Choose 3-5 words: alt="Tyler home services"

Text Links

When you mention ABC in an article or on your website, please link to us.


ABC proudly supported the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure ride with over 50 employees turning out to volunteer at or ride in the event and help fund research efforts to fight against and cure diabetes. ABC Home & Commercial Services has been a supporter of the event for the last 10 years.

Sponsor list

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Whenever you mention ABC online, please link to the local partner you are working with.

For example:


Social Media

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When you tweet, include a tag to your local ABC partner:


Your Google+ profile is a great place to share photos, comments, and links about your organization. Sharing on Google+ also helps users find your event in Google search results.

Press and Media Contact

Contact us directly:

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