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About ABC

ABC has been a local institution since 1949. The company began just providing pest control and has since branched into just about every home care service imaginable. From pest control, to lawn and landscaping work, or AC and plumbing service, ABC has the training and know-how to handle your home or business. With a diverse staff that includes licensed entomologists, electricians, AC technicians, pool & spa repair experts, plumbers and more, you can count on ABC for all your service needs.

What makes ABC unique? We’re family-owned, community-focused, and employee-driven. The quality of service our customers have come to expect is entirely due to the dedication of our employees.

ABC In The News

Here’s a small sample of our recent press mentions.

Pests Looking for Winter Nests Invade East Texas Homes

Brandon Ryan, from ABC East Texas, shares how pests will look for a place to nest in homes during the cold weather.

Build Your Brand Identity

Learn how building your brand identity can help you put your best foot forward! Our president, Dennis Jenkins, wrote this article.

Measuring Lines of Business Has Merit

Read our president, Dennis Jenkins’ take on how lines of business can help you measure your company and prove how valuable your customer base is.

a screenshot of a blog post

Staying Connected is a Smart Career Move

ABC DFW’s president, Dennis Jenkins, explains how connections can pay off big in your career and business.

a screenshot of a blog post

The Biggest Danger in Pest Control

Our president, Dennis Jenkins, discusses the biggest dangers pest management professionals face in the field: vehicle accidents.

Don't Truck It Up

Our president, Dennis Jenkins, shares the value in taking pride in your company’s vehicles.

What Every Business Needs to Grow

"Today, it is as important to decide “who you are” as it is to determine where you will be located, what trucks you will use, or what services you will offer. This will become the overall personality of your business."

Build Your Brand on Service — to Customers and Beyond

Dennis Jenkins answers the age-old question, “How do you set your company apart from competitors”?

Everyone is in Sales

In this blog post, Dennis Jenkins explains how ABC watches and listens for “salesmanship” in every interaction and phone call.

Deepen Your Connection with Customers

"The bottom line is that when you are doing more for a customer, they become more of “your” customer — and you have even more of a reason to deliver world-class service. This is truly the magic of what we do. With a repetitive business model, you develop deeper relationships with your customers over time."

Make New Customers, But Keep the Old

Dennis Jenkins shares his New Year’s business resolution: To continue to place more of a focus on our existing customer base. Read more about how ABC welcomes back returning customers.

Industry Involvement a Worthy Investment

“By the time I was four years old or so, Dad had my two older brothers and me working on stuffing envelopes and walking neighborhoods putting flyers on doors.”
Read our president, Dennis Jenkins’ account on how being involved with the National Pest Management Association has helped grow ABC.

The ABC's of Giving

The word “service” means different things to different people. But, for Dennis and Jennifer Jenkins of ABC Home and Commercial Services, the definition of that single word is significantly broader than it is for most people.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Based on 90 reviews

Stephanie Quezada


“I am so happy I chose ABC. Pete, the technician, came out in a timely manner and was so kind. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He was able to answer all my questions about the moth problem I had in my pantry. Thank you for great service!”

Sapphire S


“I was in need of a new pest control company as the previous one I had was terrible. A few of my neighbors recommended ABC Pest and it was the best decision I made. My person, Freddie, is open to my complaints and ensures my house is treated properly. He takes his time to ensure all my issues have been addressed and educates me on things I need to know. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking for pest control.”

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