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Anteater Advocates video transcript

The CCA food pantry is one of the largest client choice food pantry in the north Texas. We serve families from all over north south, all the way down towards Dallas, all the way up north towards Denton.

CCA is an amazing organization, Christian organization, the people that that work with CCA are phenomenal. They definitely embody the servant heart mentality. CCA has been around just a little over forty five years. It started with a Bible study of eight people. They found a young family that was in need. They decided, you know, we could do more than just study the Bible. We can put it in action. That’s how we came up with the name Christian Community Action.

It allows the individuals to choose what’s going to best fit their lifestyle, their family, their needs, and complement what they have and minimize their cost at the grocery store.

CCA could take one dollar and we can turn it into nine dollars worth of food. Thirty dollars is almost like one hundred and thirty dollars, so to speak, here. Without CCA, they would be going to bed every night very hungry. You’re going to have a meal before you go to bed every day. I love them. They’re wonderful. They’ve been an inspiration to me and my grandchildren.

I bring them with me every now and again. And so it’s it’s a blessing to have them.

For the past 18 years, ABC has come and volunteered in the food pantry once a month and they given over 50000 hours of time. They also provide free pest control services to all of our facilities, which has over this time is our total over half a million dollars worth of donated services.

We moved into our building about 15 years ago, and one of the first things that I wanted to do was to find somewhere that we could connect somebody that was very active in the community and CCAtotally fit that bill. So we made a connection with them and started helping where we could.

I know they’re going to be here. I know they’re going to show up in force. I know they’re going to, you know, take care of, you know, what needs to get taken care of as far as the pantry goes.

I just love everything they do. And the perspective is just the blessings that we have in our lives. And to not take them for granted and to share them, we try to bring them outward focus by coming here. So we try to instill that in our folks. Finding a good mesh of wanting to work and being happy to do it. It’s hard to come by. So there’s there’s really only a handful. And ABC’s definitely up there in the top.


If they weren’t and they were not doing that for the last 15 years, CCA wouldn’t have had funding to be able to have the food that I received five years ago.

They need some help. And that’s what CCA does for them. It truly is. And I think that’s why we’re just so passionate about partnering with them and helping them because they serve the community so well. And and it’s our pleasure and our joy to be able to help serve them too.


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