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Houston Bees Mean Business

Bees can inflict painful stings; some people are highly allergic to them. Those who have never been stung could be at high risk, as they may not even know they are allergic. In Houston, several types of bees are commonly found. Honeybees, carpenters, bumblebees, stingless bees, and Africanized honeybees are common. Africanized honeybees are also called killer bees because of their extreme aggression. Bees are essential to the earth’s ecosystem, but their growing population has resulted in the need for pest control in Houston.

Encountering A Beehive

When bees are spotted, it is best to avoid getting too close to the hive to identify the bees. These flying insects will sting intruders, but only if they come too close. The best thing to do is run away fast. Intruders who stop to stare at a beehive may not get stung right away. However, the bees protecting the hive release a pheromone that attracts other bees, and they will begin preparing to attack an intruder. Run into a building or the home to block off a swarm. Never jump into a pool, stand still or swat at the bees. They will wait for a person to come to the water’s surface and sting anyone standing still or fighting back. Most bees will give up on a running person in a short amount of time.

Dangers of Bee Stings

Although the USDA is not able to provide detailed information about bee stings in each Texas county, it is estimated that an average of 53 fatal attacks occur each year. Africanized honeybees are usually to blame. Unfortunately, one of the few states these attacks occur is Texas. Residents in Houston must be aware of these aggressive bees and remember how to avoid an attack.

When a beehive is spotted, run away quickly. Never attempt to remove it, spray it or burn it. The next step is to contact a Houston pest control company. ABC Home & Commercial Services is a reliable company specializing in pest control in Katy and Houston. We offer quick and effective bee removal to protect your home or business.

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