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Patrick, our pest control specialist. is great. He always sends me a text to inform me when he will be at the house or if other arrangements need to be made. Before he leaves, he makes sure that I have no other issues and ALWAYS says to call if any issues arise after service has been provided!
- Karie T., September 2016
What happens during the free inspection?

When you tell us that you have or may have a termite infestation, we send out one of our inspectors to view your property. They will assess damage, entry points, and the general extent of what will be needed for treatment. They will provide you with a quote for services. 

You pay nothing until you agree to the provided quote, and whatever we say is the price you pay, not a penny more. 

Additionally, our promise is that if the termites come back, so will we.

Are the products you use friendly for pets and children?

We use a product called Termidor. Termidor is a liquid treatment undetectable to termites. They will ingest it and also bring it back to their colony where it will be ingested by other termites. 

This treatment is proven to completely eradicate termites in three months or less. Termidor’s active ingredient fipronil, which is present in a very low percentage (.06%). The low dose is not harmful to pets or children, and our specialists are trained to apply the product responsibly.

Our preventative measure is called Termimesh, which is installed during new home construction. Termimesh is completely non-toxic metal screening, not to mention it is 100% effective. 

How does ABC treat termites?

We offer our Signature Plus Service for termites. First we complete a comprehensive inspection of your property for termites, termite damage, and foraging tubes.

Next, we will devise a treatment plan which may consist of using Termidor, a liquid treatment, in the area termites are eating. Termites are infected through contact and ingestion of the material and can transfer the material to non-infected termites by sharing food until their death. We also install monitoring stations around the perimeter of the building as early detection devices and for continued treatment. The treatment takes three months or less to kill the population.

If termites return, so will we.

Does your termite control have any kind of guarantee?

ABC Houston commits to quarterly inspections of your property to review monitoring stations and assure no termites are present. As part of the progress utilizing the Signature Plus Service, our team remains available to identify potential new colonies that may infiltrate your property.

ABC’s warranty states that if termites come back, we’ll be back. The warranty can be renewed throughout your home ownership and can also be transferred to any new homeowner.

What can I do to prevent termites?

When building a new home, you can install the 100% effective Termimesh to prevent termites.

On existing property, it is useful to keep any kind of wood or lumber piles away from the exterior of the home, and if possible raise them off the bare ground with pallets or other support structures. It is also important to minimize any water sources. Leaky spigots and standing water can be attractive to termite colonies. Removing brush and undergrowth around your home is useful. Using treated lumber for your home is also a good preventative. Sealing cracks or holes in the foundation will prevent easy termite access.

Also keeping your home properly ventilated to prevent moisture buildup in the home will make your interior less appealing to these hungry pests. And finally, having periodic inspections by the professionals at ABC Home & Commercial Services ensures that somebody is checking access points and possible conditions beneficial to termites.

When it comes to termites it pays to be proactive, because in just a couple of years an established colony can wreak havoc on your home.

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