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I wanted to say what a great job you did with my pest control service. You gave me great advice and went above and beyond. Thanks, Barry!

- Jamil M., July 2013
Why can’t I get rid of mosquitoes on my own?

Mosquitoes reproduce in staggeringly high numbers. A single female can be responsible for millions of mosquitoes within just a few weeks. It can be challenging for a homeowner to safely combat these many millions of blood suckers without proper training and equipment.

Our experts know how to locate breeding grounds, and are trained to eradicate the pests through a variety of treatments. Trust the experts to make your outdoors pleasant again.

How can ABC help me get rid of mosquitoes?

There are two methods we use for eliminating mosquitoes. ABC Home & Commercial Services Mosquito Control experts will locate mosquito breeding grounds and place bait to neutralize eggs and larvae. They have backpack foggers which will spread mosquito repelling fog to deter the pests.

Additionally, we can set up CoastalMister stations, which are timed mist-spraying devices. The mist is toxic to mosquitoes; however once it dries (1-2 hours) it is completely harmless to humans or pets. We will treat your property until the mosquitoes leave your family alone.

What options do you have for mosquito control?

Our experts will work with you to determine the best course for your property, but there are three main ways we take care of mosquitoes.

  • Firstly we target breeding grounds and apply treatment that kills off eggs and larvae before they can start buzzing around.
  • We also have a mobile fogging system that gasses mosquitoes in a larger area.
  • For lasting periodic control we have our CoastalMister system which delivers a spray deadly to mosquitoes at pre-determined intervals.
Are the products you use friendly for pets and children?

Our solutions are as environmentally friendly as possible while still being effective against mosquitoes. Our technicians will outline any contact risks with our treatments.

The ongoing treatment CoastalMister need only dry to become harmless to humans. If you have any concerns, voice them to our experts, and we will tell you what you need to know to keep your family safe and healthy while we kill your pests.

Why are mosquitoes a problem?

Mosquitoes can carry debilitating or fatal diseases including malaria, West Nile, yellow fever, dengue fever, and encephalitis. In Texas, Harris County had the highest number of human reported cases of West Nile in 2014.

Even as just an outdoor biting nuisance, the presence of mosquitoes can put a damper on your outdoor recreational activities.

Need mosquito control outside of Houston?

ABC Home & Commercial Services provides our full mosquito control service to the following surrounding Houston area:

Visit our city specific pages, or simply call or contact us online and let us direct you to the appropiate specialist!

Meet Our Mosquito Control Team

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  • Alex Gonzalez
    Pest Control Technician
  • Arturo Castro
    Pest Control Technician
  • Jason Connors
    Pest Control Technician
  • Mike Hedges

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