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We have used ABC for about 2 years. Easy to schedule, they run on time and our tech is awesome. He remembers we have dogs, he reviews past services to make sure I don't forget concerns and always reminds me to call in-between services for a free follow up if I see any pests. In two years, I have only had to call one time.

- The Cherrys, December 2016
How does the free inspection work?

If you have an issue with any kinds of wildlife in your home or on your property, give us a call! We will come to your property and conduct an inspection free of charge.

Once we have a handle on what creatures need removal, and any repair to damages they may have caused, we will give you a quote (what we say is what you pay). If you agree to the service, we will work quickly to remove the rodent or wildlife, make any necessary repairs, and get you back into the normal swing of life.

What kind of rodents and wildlife do you get rid of?

If it moves, we can remove it. If you have an unwelcome wildlife visitor, give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you. Most commonly homes will experience issues with rats or mice. These small mammals can spread diseases and cause damage to homes by chewing through the building materials.

How do you treat for these animals?

Some animals such as raccoons or possums simply need to be captured and relocated, which can be done in as few as one visit. Other populations such as mice or rats may have colonies. We will set up an extensive trapping schedule so that we can remove the creatures without killing them, and we will keep coming back until your rodent population is eradicated.

How soon can you come to treat my rodent problem?

When you contact us for an inspection, we will send a specialist to your home at your earliest convenience. Call us today to set up an inspection!

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Meet Our Rodent & Wildlife Control Team

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  • Alex Gonzalez
    Pest Control Technician
  • Matthew Gaul
    Pest Control Technician
  • Shelton Ware
    Pest Control Technician
  • Travis Wilson
    Pest Control Technician
  • Arturo Castro
    Pest Control Technician
  • Jason Connors
    Pest Control Technician

Meet Our Rodent & Wildlife Control Managers

Rodney Braxton
Pest Control Manager

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