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I went to the website and sent an email requesting a Termite treatment estimate. I was contacted within a short order of time to make the appointment!

- Johnny H., July 2020
What is Termimesh?

Termimesh is a non-corrosive, stainless-steel mesh that physically stops termites from entering your home. Termites colonize in the soil and enter buildings through the smallest points of entry (they only need 1/64th of an inch) that come into contact with soil.

During the construction phase, ABC can install Termimesh around service wires and pipes connecting to your home which is then sealed inside concrete. Termites cannot go through or damage the barrier.

Why would I need Termimesh on my property?

Termites cause over a billion dollars in property damage every year in America. A single colony can consume the equivalent of a 2 foot long 2x4 plank of wood. This may not sound like much until you consider that could be the support beam for a load bearing wall.

Additionally, termite infestations are often more than one colony, so you have to consider how many planks of wood you’re willing to let them snack on. Termimesh, when installed on a new property, is 100% effective at deterring termites from ever invading your home.

With peace of mind like that it only makes sense to be proactive in preventing what could be very costly damage to your property, especially when it is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

How do you install the system?

During construction of a new home, the mesh is placed at all known access points termites use to invade the wood structures of homes.

Is it friendly for pets and children?

Termimesh is a completely non-toxic steel mesh installed into the foundations of your home. While it is unlikely that children or pets will come in contact with it, it has no chemical properties that can cause harm.

Is the Termimesh system guaranteed to work?

Termimesh has a track record internationally of being 100% effective at preventing termites. We still offer warranty protection for the system, however, the track record speaks for itself.