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Great Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas

Teacher Christmas gift ideas

We all want to save time around the home, and there is no time of year when that’s more appreciated than during the busy holiday season. When thinking about who you need to buy for, your children’s teachers are very likely on your list. What’s the best way to show your appreciation for all the hard work which teachers do all year long? It can be a challenge to come up with the best way to show your gratitude.  

Great Teacher Christmas Gift Ideas

If you have a long to-do list for Christmas, including shopping for a present your child’s teacher, here are some great gift idea suggestions.

For the Busy, Practical Mom

Gift cards are a fast and easy way for busy parents to give teachers exactly what they want or need. You or the designated classroom parent can even collect funds from multiple parents in the class online to give a larger, group gift and everyone can sign the card. Gift cards for coffee, treats, or lunch are really appreciated. Movie gift cards are a big hit with most teachers.

All of these gift cards can be used during Winter Break (and throughout the year), giving educators fun times during their much-deserved time off. You can often pick up gift cards for multiple stores or restaurants at the local grocery store or just order them online from the Gift Card Mall or the store or restaurant directly and have them shipped to you by mail.

Another choice is to buy teacher gifts in bulk. Bulk food aisles at natural grocers can give you inspiration. Think about treats like popcorn, cookies, and candies, which you can easily divide among multiple teachers. Many food items for the holidays are sold in packages of two or more items. Packages of seasonal coffee and tea flavors are yummy surprises for teachers.

If your child’s teacher loves chocolate (and many do), there are many types to choose from during the holiday season, all in holiday packaging. Pick these gifts up when you do your regular shopping at the grocery or warehouse club store. No special trip is needed, saving time.

For the Crafty Mom

Making teacher gifts with your kids can be both inexpensive and personal. Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration for homemade Christmas gifts for teachers, including some creative ways to decorate glass Mason jars, which can be used for seasonal treats and then re-used by teachers throughout the year for their own use or in the classroom. If you are making gifts for more than one teacher, customize them a bit with different colors or accents such as ribbons, tags, and stickers. Even the youngest child can help to decorate these gifts with stickers.

If you and your child enjoy baking together, create a jar, cookie tin, or basket with some delicious holiday cookies for teachers to enjoy and share. Your child can help you decorate the container and add a card for an even more personal touch!

Another place to find inspiration for thoughtful gifts for teachers is nature. Homemade flower bouquets like these are an idea worth considering. These arrangements hold gift cards or multiple pictures that your child has drawn.

For teachers who celebrate Hanukkah, you can look for dreidel and menorah-themed wrapping paper, crafts, and gift card designs. Giving pretty wrapped candles that you buy or make, along with a Hanukkah card, can be very meaningful for the festival of lights.

For Moms with Limited Time and Budgets

Have no fear, a sweet card or note with your child’s drawing and name can be really meaningful to a teacher too. When thinking about Christmas gifts for preschool teachers, a drawing or a card with a small item is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation. When it comes to teachers and the holidays, it is really the thought that counts. Other ideas for inexpensive Christmas gifts for teachers include canvas tote bags, a mug or water bottle, hot chocolate mix, or homemade bath salts.

Teachers often spend their own money on supplies for the classroom. Why not spend a few dollars to re-stock their colored pencils, crayons, glue, tape, and kid-friendly scissors, placing all in a child-decorated case that they can enjoy during the school year? Basic school supplies are available year-round at the grocery store. Just add them to your weekly shopping list.

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