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Our specialists that came out were awesome! They worked well together, were very courteous and polite. Several times they told me they would put the wreaths wherever I wanted and they wanted to make me happy with their work. They left extra C9 bulbs and duct tape to seal the connections between cords with wreaths that I would add after I fixed the lights on them. The account representative stopped by the next day and was knowledgeable, and I appreciated the quality control follow up.

- Janet R.
What kind of lighting displays can you install?

ABC installs both C-9 and C-9 LED Christmas Lights, in white/clear. We can install these C-9 and C-9 LED lights on gutters, roof edges, and also on archways and commercial flat roof lines. We also install C-9s and C-9 LEDs on durable yard stakes to outline beds, sidewalks and driveways.

In addition, we also install mini lights as tree wraps, and on shrubs and hedges. Lit garland and wreaths are available to complete your holiday needs.

Do I need to have lights already?

Nope! We can work with whatever displays you already have, but we can also provide you with full-service lighting options. You don’t need to purchase lighting or lift a finger—just tell us your lighting dreams so we can illuminate them!

What happens when the lights need to come down?

Don't worry! Once the holidays are over, our lighting professionals will come back to your home and neatly remove and organize your lights for you and put them in a safe storage space.

How soon ahead of time do I need to schedule holiday lighting?

You can plan your installation in advance, and the sooner the better as we near the holiday season. We can plan our service visit ahead of time according to when you’d like your lights installed.