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Henry & Jermaine did an absolutely superlative job! My lawn has not looked this good in years. They even helped me feed my dog her heartworm meds. It's wonderful to see young men this compassionate. They should be cloned. Before the crew left, they told me, "Anything you need, just tell us and we'll take care of it."

- Rae W., June 2013
What do ABC’s Landscaping Services include?

Whether you want a new stone walkway, a complete renovation of your yard, a water-wise landscape, or a flower bed to bring some color to your curb appeal, our Houston Landscape Specialists can help you every step of the way—from initial designing and planning to laying the last stone.

What are ABC’s Pre-Spring Landscaping Services?

ABC’s Pre-Spring Landscaping Houston Services include:

  • Pre-emergence to control weeds before they control the look of your landscape
  • Mulching to encourage plant health and the appearance of your landscape
  • Pruning that removes unnecessary plant parts to improve the health and visual effect of your yard
  • Replacing shrubs with new ones that utilize space and sun exposure more effectively
Why choose ABC’s Landscaping Services?

ABC applies the same environmentally responsible principles to our landscaping projects as we do across the rest of our home and business services. Plus, we do so with competitive pricing. When your project is finished, you will have a beautiful and sustainable landscape that’s custom-designed to your needs and preferences.

Do you provide lawn care after the initial landscaping?

Certainly. ABC can help maintain your lawn so that none of your new landscaping details are lost due to insufficient care and maintenance. We offer year-round landscaping services and a variety of maintenance options to keep your yard looking its best no matter what the season.