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ABC San Antonio provides a full range of services for your business, no matter the industry. Our dedicated commercial professionals work with you to create a year-round service plan designed specifically for your property and your budget. ABC’s specialists are highly skilled, experienced, and licensed appropriately. Focus on your core business while we handle the care and maintenance of your facilities.

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ABC’s Complete List of Commercial Services in San Antonio

The convenience of a single service provider frees you up to focus on your business, knowing that your commercial properties are in the right hands.

Pest & Flying Insect Control

Insect infestations, from flies to ants to roaches and rodents, are a serious issue when it comes to distribution facilities and warehouses. Our entomologists and licensed specialists are extremely knowledgeable about the most common insect problems in the area and can assess your needs and design an effective pest management program to keep your facility pest-free.

ABC’s insect pest management services may include the following:

Rodent & Wildlife Control

Rats and mice pose a health risk by getting into food stores and leaving droppings and urine on storage surfaces. But they also can cause physical damage to a facility by chewing on wires, insulation, ductwork and other materials. Our licensed inspectors will evaluate your facility for evidence of rodent activity, as well as possible entry points, and then design a program to eliminate the problem. We also provide wildlife control services for raccoons, squirrels, opossums, skunks, and hogs.

Bird & Bat Control

Birds living in the rafters of your facility or warehouse can create a messy situation and potential health concerns due to their droppings. Our licensed inspectors will thoroughly examine your facility or warehouse for evidence of bird or bat activity, and then develop a program to remove the problem and prevent them from returning.

AC & Heating Services

It goes without saying: you need reliable air conditioning in your business! ABC provides year-round heating and cooling service for residential style equipment in your commercial space to keep your employees comfortable. Our products and services can increase your facility’s energy efficiency, improve indoor air quality, and reduce utility costs. Our trained specialists can do a complete inspection of your equipment and recommend improvements or fixes. We also provide regular check-ups and repairs for all brands of air conditioning and heating systems.

Plumbing Services

Some things are best left to trained professionals, such as issues with leaks or your plumbing. Our licensed plumbers can handle any type of plumbing installation, repair or replacement, drain cleaning, backflow installation and testing. We are also fully licensed to handle gas lines and drain lines.


Electrical work is also best left to experienced professionals. Our licensed electricians are committed to safety and energy efficiency. We always consider your facility’s specific electrical requirements.

Our electricians can:

Lawn Care, Irrigation, and Maintenance

Appearances are important. At ABC, we can help you maintain a beautiful lawn on your properties with our regular mowing, weeding, and edging services. We can also maintain irrigation systems to keep your grounds watered all summer long.

Landscaping and Tree Care

Count on us to keep your landscape looking great and keep your grass and plants healthy. We provide landscape design and maintenance, including tree and shrub trimming, decorative gravel cleanup, and plant replacement. Our full-service tree care company has an expert staff that includes ISA Certified Arborists, Oak Wilt Certified Arborists, and TDA Certified Chemical Applicators.

Holiday Lights Installation

Don’t forget us during the holiday season! ABC can decorate your grounds so all of your customers and employees can enjoy the holidays in style.

Pool & Hot Tub Services

If you have them, pools and spas at your properties are likely a top selling point. Keep them in sparkling condition and reap the rewards of happy employees and customers and increased property value. ABC provides pool repair or replacement of all system components and year-round maintenance for most industries. Let us take the worry out of your pools and hot tubs so you can enjoy their true value.

Water Quality Services

From drinking it to using it to wash dishes in the company break room, businesses use water every day. High quality water is essential, and can even lower your energy bills. Our specialists can help improve your water quality and protect your employees and customers with water softeners, drinking water systems, filtration systems, and well water treatments.

Appliance Repair

Is the office refrigerator not cooling or has the garbage disposal become clogged? Our experts are able to work on any residential style equipment located or installed in commercial properties, and on almost every brand imaginable. ABC will quickly diagnose and fix your appliance so your business can go back to normal.

Exterior Cleaning

The exterior of your building is the first thing your customers and employees see before they walk through your doors. ABC offers window cleaning, power washing, and gutter cleaning to help make sure the build up of dirt, debris, mildew, and pollen doesn’t affect your building’s exterior or driveways and walkways.

Handyman Services

There always seems to be a list of repairs needed, no matter what type of building you are in. Our skilled and reliable professionals can help you replace, repair, or maintain anything on your property. From carpentry work, painting, installing windows and railings, adjusting doors, repairing drywall to assembling furniture, ABC’s specialists can help your business get back to good-as-new.

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