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Termite Pre-Treat



Termites cause extensive damage to the structure of a home or commercial building, as well as the fixtures, fittings and floor coverings inside.


Termimesh$2.0 billion is spent annually in the United States to repair damage caused by termites. Termite damage, in most cases, may not be visible for at least 12 to 18 months beyond the initial infestation. By then, your home may be harboring approximately one million termites.

Termites can enter a building through any material directly in contact with the soil. They also enter through foundation cracks, concrete joints, gaps between water pipes and the concrete slab, bath traps, and via transportation (mud) tubes they create over or through the foundation.*

  • In Texas, termite damage repair costs total approximately $10 million annually
  • Average damage repair cost per structure is $10,000.

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*Source: Subterranean Termites by Roger E.Gold, Harry N.Howell, Jr. and Grady J.Glenn, published by the Texas Agricultural Extension Service at The Texas A&M University System

What is the Termimesh System?

The Termimesh System is a non-corrosive, stainless-steel mesh that physically prevents termites from entering your home. The mesh is secured to all individual penetrations (such as plumbing and electrical) coming from the soil, through the slab, prior to concrete being poured. Protection to the perimeter of your home ensures maximum protection against termites.

Termimesh is a proven technology. The system has been reviewed and approved by the Southern Building Code Congress and the Structural Pest Control Board. The Termimesh System has over 170,000 installations, satisfied customers worldwide and a 100% effective track record.

Benefits of the Termimesh System:

Termimesh is installed under strict quality control guidelines and is sealed inside the concrete slab.

Unlike chemical pre-treatments, Termimesh is effective 100% of the time. Chemicals degrade rapidly. Your home could require over 250 gallons of insecticide initially, and future applications to maintain the same effectiveness.

The Termimesh offering includes:

  • Installation
  • Remedial Services
  • Damage Warranty

All of this is to guarantee your peace of mind against termite damage and enhance the value of your home!

Should you sell your home, these services are transferable to the new owners.

Termimesh Termimesh
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