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Bed Bugs Be Gone! Checklist to Prepare for Treatment Success.

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As a new homeowner, the last thing you want to think about is a bed bug infestation. And hopefully, you won’t need to. But in a big city like San Antonio where bed bugs (and pests in general) are prevalent, it’s best to be prepared for any situation.

Bed bugs spread easily and most commonly found in spaces where people sleep or spend the majority of their time, like homes, hospitals, schools, and hotels. Their small size allows them to go unnoticed; it’s the red, itchy bites they leave behind that reveal their camouflage. But despite their tiny size, bed bugs can cause a big headache—and an even bigger problem if left untreated.

Here at ABC San Antonio, we take great strides to ensure your home is bed bug-free after just one of our Heat Remediation treatments. And while our experts can take on any challenge, you’ll have to do your part as well.

Take a look at our Bed Bug Preparation Checklist to find out what you need to do.

Wash and Dry

Washing and drying your linens, bedding, and clothing is a must when it comes to removing bed bugs from your home. Wash small, individual loads to avoid overstuffing, as that will enable the dryer to heat completely. Once the load is dry, heat it again for another 30 minutes to guarantee the heat spread evenly over the materials drying.

Once dry, you can remove them from your home or leave them inside. ABC’s bed bug treatment is non-toxic and has no after-effects—meaning you can leave your clothes inside if you choose. If left inside, though, make sure to remove pieces from tightly packed drawers and place them loosely in open laundry baskets to allow for proper air circulation.

Prefer to take your clothes with you? No problem. Immediately after drying, place the load into a clean garbage bag. Seal it completely and remove them from your home to avoid any additional exposure to potential bed bugs.

De-clutter you space

After you’ve organized, washed, and dried your linens, take the time to de-clutter the rest of your home. Organize storage areas. Remove toys from the floor. Bring down any stacks of books you might have.

You’ll also want to secure any items stored on shelves, like glass objects or knick-knacks; remove any breakables, paintings, or pictures from open spaces to avoid any accidents.

Any medications you have around your home can either be taken with you or kept in the fridge.

Take it outside

While it’s best to treat everything that’s inside your home, certain items must be removed (like foods that will melt) before treatment. The following is a list of such items for your references:

  • Flammables (lighters, alcohol, sprays)
  • Wooden and stringed instruments
  • Cosmetics
  • Houseplants
  • Smoke detectors
  • Paintings and wall décor
  • Batteries from all units

When it comes to your electronics, leave them inside, as electronics often house bed bugs and other pests.

One last look

The last thing you should do to prepare for a bed bug treatment is a walkthrough. Taking the time to walk through your home before your treatment is the best way to be sure nothing goes overlooked.

Double check that all outlets, vents, and openings are left uncovered. If you haven’t done so already, remove any outlet covers that remain and unplug any wires, power cords, and cables, including your refrigerator. Finally, move any remaining furniture away from the walls.

The Final Step

If you have any questions regarding the preparation checklist for a bed bug treatment, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here to answer any questions you may have.

ABC Home and Commercial San Antonio is dedicated to providing exceptional service and a job well done. With just one of our heat remediation treatments, you can rest assured that your home is bed bug-free.

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