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Growing a Greener Lawn in 5 Steps

The greening of San Antonio lawns

Choosing the right type of grass is the first step to a green lawnChoosing the right grass for lawns in south-central Texas can reduce maintenance headaches. The recommended types are St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bermuda and Buffalo. There aren’t any distinct advantages of one over the other, although buffalo grass is native to this area. All four types require irrigation, regular mowing, seasonal fertilization and pest control management.

The Grass Is Thirsty

If there’s one thing that keeps grass green, it’s an adequate amount of watering at the right times. This means you can’t count on San Antonio’s unpredictable showers to keep your lawn irrigated. Water your lawn as needed, which means observing the blades for signs of stress. St. Augustine and Zoysia grasses demand heavy irrigation. Buffalo grass requires only half an inch of water to thrive.

In general, water to a depth of six inches every four to five days. Determine the length of time that sprinklers should be left running by collecting irrigation water in cans. Measure the water level in the cans and note the time it took to reach six inches.

Mow, Mow, Mow Your Lawn

The correct height for mowing depends on your grass type. St. Augustine needs to be mowed at a height of two and a half to three inches, while the mowing height for Bermuda grasses should be one to two inches. Mow Buffalo grass at five inches, and use a rotary mower for the stiffly textured Zoysia.

Invasion of Unwelcome Species

Tight-growing grasses such as St. Augustine and Zoysia inhibit the growth of weeds and reduce the need for herbicide applications. This isn’t so for buffalo grass, which doesn’t form a tight sod. Pre-emergent herbicides applied in early spring may prevent weed problems later in the season. Spot applications of weed killers can be used in heavily infested areas to head off a weed takeover of your lawn.

Feeding the Greens

Turfgrass in Texas needs optimum levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium at the right times to remain green. Lawn fertilizers provide these nutrients, but you should make sure to check which formulation should be applied for the season. Apply the recommended amount only, since over-fertilizing is wasteful and contributes to groundwater contamination.

Dethatching for Beginners

Sometimes, grass clippings accumulate and choke off patches of grass. Use a de-thatcher or a rotary mower at the lowest setting to remove clumps.

When the Lawn Demands Too Much

If you’re unsure how to tackle your sickly turf, consult the lawn care specialists at ABC Home & Commercial Services in San Antonio. Our lawn maintenance professionals can identify the problems and get your lawn green. We’ll even provide a free estimate.

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