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The Heat Is On: Eliminating Bed Bugs with Heat Remediation

bed bugs

Controlling bed bugs is no sweat when you use heat

Finding bed bugs in your home can be a shock. These tiny parasites feed on human and animal blood and can hitch a ride in on almost anything. Luggage, clothing and old furniture are all potential “vehicles” for bed bug travel. Using heat remediation treatments can put a stop to a problematic infestation.

Bed Bug Woes

For most people, bed bug bites result in red, itchy bumps, but the reaction can be severe if you’re allergic. Bed bugs have also been known to carry pathogens, including serious diseases such as MRSA—there is no scientific evidence to show that bed bugs spread these diseases to humans, but it’s still disconcerting to know that there are parasitic insects lurking in your bedroom.

Treatments for Banishing Bed Bugs

Bed bug populations are growing, perhaps due in part to the fact that these pests have become resistant to many common pesticides. Attempting to “isolate” bed bugs with mattress covers or remove them from the home by disposing of infested furniture doesn’t address the root of the problem. In fact, improper disposal can make infestations worse by spreading bed bugs to other areas.

Why Heat Remediation?

Heat remediation offers a way to be sure that all bed bugs are eliminated. This professional treatment heats infested rooms to 130 degrees and maintains the temperature for several hours. This kills every phase of bed bug development from egg to adult, ensuring that no part of the life cycle survives to repopulate when the treatment is over.

With heat remediation, you don’t have to get rid of anything you own. Your furniture and belongings stay safe, and there’s no treatment residue to worry about. You can return home and resume normal life right away without worrying about bed bugs bothering you at night.

ABC Home & Commercial Services is ready to bring heat remediation to your San Antonio home. Contact us for a free inspection to determine the severity of your beg bug problem and get a quote for services. Our specialists will get started right away and banish bed bugs from your living space with this non-toxic treatment.

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