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Why Is Changing My AC’s Air Filter Important?

If you own an air conditioning unit, you know that changing the air filter is a common maintenance task that must be performed so your AC can run clean and pure air throughout your home.

But, why is it so important to change your AC’s air filter?

5 Good Reasons To Change Your AC Air Filter Frequently

There are several benefits of changing your filter frequently.

Improved Performance

Imagine trying to drink water through a clogged straw. That’s a lot like how your air conditioning unit feels when it’s trying to draw air through a clogged filter. By switching out your air filter on a regular basis, you make it easier for your AC to pull air in. This, in turn, improves the efficiency of your unit as a whole.

Lower Cost

Changing your air filters regularly produces a more effective AC system, which in turn cuts down on the costs you pay to keep the system running.

Better Health Outcomes

A dirty air filter pushes out air contaminated with dust, mold, mildew, and dander; which can cause or inflame conditions like asthma and sinus infections. When you change it, you clean these things out, creating a cleaner, healthier home for you and your family.

Fewer Repairs Needed

When you maintain your system with fresh air filters on a regular basis, you save yourself money on repair costs and expenditures and keep your system running better for the long-term.

A Cleaner Home

A dirty air filter allows dust to enter your home and settle on your furniture. Luckily, changing the filter regularly helps to keep your home clean and dust-free.

How Often Should I Change My Air Filters?

The frequency with which you change your filters will depend in large part on where you live. As a general rule, though, professionals recommend swapping it out for a fresh one every one to two months.

While changing your ACs air filter on a frequent basis may seem unnecessary, it’s an important step that can help preserve the functionality and efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

If you notice damage or wear in your AC unit while changing your filter, be sure to contact ABC Home & Commercial Services, the San Antonio AC repair experts to fix the problem correctly the first time.

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