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Beat the Heat and Cold with San Antonio Landscaping Choices

You may know of ways to use windows, drapery and insulation to boost heat in the winter and keep the home cool in the summer, but did you know that you can heat and cool the inside of your home with the help of outdoor landscaping?

Methods of Cooling with Landscaping

Placing trees and other plants in the right location around your home could help shield your home from the sun during summer months. Keeping out harsh rays while the weather is warm means that your home will stay cooler and your air conditioning bills could be lower.

Use tall trees that lose leaves during cooler months to shade windows during the summer. Although the majority of heat that enters a home can be attributed to the beating of the sun’s rays through uncovered windows, a significant amount of the heat that is absorbed by a home when the weather is warm enters through the roof. Place trees so that shade reaches both the windows and the roof for maximum cooling.

Methods of Heating with Landscaping

While landscaping can’t generate heat, carefully placed plants are able to help insulate the home when the weather is cold.

Shrubberies and small trees planted close to your home can provide an added layer of insulation that can keep the home warmer during the winter months. These types of plants are also beneficial for heating purposes because they provide a shield from harsh winter conditions such as cold wind that may enter the home through cracks around windows or doorways.

Be sure that any tree that is being used to help a home retain heat in winter months is an evergreen. The last thing you want to do is strategically plan your landscaping for heating purposes only to find that all of your trees have lost their leaves before the weather starts to cool off.

If you’re ready to start beating the heat and cold with landscaping choices, consult ABC Home & Commercial Services for lawn care in San Antonio. ABC is experienced at providing customers with quality landscaping in San Antonio that is not only visually appealing but functional as well.

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