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Bugs and Ball Games Don’t Mix

Is your child too busy swatting at insects to focus on scoring goals on the soccer field? Does your weekly touch football game usually end with bug bites on your ankles? If so, your playing fields could benefit from San Antonio lawn services and pest control from ABC. While bugs can destroy the beauty of your lawn, business landscaping or sports field, they can also put a damper on your favorite outdoor activities by swarming, biting and stinging.

Pests That Can Ruin Your Game

Most of the time the insect world goes largely unnoticed, and we live in harmony with bugs when their populations are kept under control. The occasional mosquito or chigger isn’t going to disrupt your athletic focus, but an infestation of them on your playing field or golf course can turn a pleasant game into an afternoon of scratching and clawing at your itchy skin. Our San Antonio lawn service can help eliminate fleas, mites, chiggers, ticks, fire ants, mosquitoes and other pesky bugs during a routine lawn maintenance visit.

Regular Lawn Maintenance

Frequent mowing, irrigation, soil enrichment, aeration and composting are just some of the services we provide to ensure the health and beauty of a landscape. In many cases, regular maintenance of a sports field or golf course is all that is needed to prevent bug infestations. However, we do inspect lawns for insects at every maintenance visit so that we can catch pest problems as early as possible. Early detection allows us to use the most conservative treatments to help protect our customers and the environment.

Pest Control in San Antonio

keep your head in the game. Enjoy the best that nature has to offer while avoiding the worst. To ensure an ideal environment for outdoor sports, you need a San Antonio exterminator and lawn care specialist you can trust. Keep your head in the game—contact us ABC Home & Commercial Services in San Antonio today to learn how we can help eliminate those pesky bugs.

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