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Awesome service from ABC. Their technician was on time and efficient for the appointment. Glad to recommend.

- Ross K, April 2019
What is included in ABC’s lawn mowing services?

One reason San Antonio homeowners choose ABC for their lawn mowing is that we do so much more than cut your grass.

Lawn mowing San Antonio

Our basic lawn mowing service package includes:

  • Mowing

  • Edging

  • Weed-eating

  • Blowing cut grass from your sidewalks and driveways

The satisfaction of coming home to a beautifully-manicured yard is one reason our customers sign up for regular services.

Our lawn specialists also offer additional services, including applying fertilizer when and where your plants will benefit from it the most, trimming your hedges and caring for your shrubs and ornamental trees. Our full-service lawn care is available year-round, which is convenient here in San Antonio, since your grass and plants will need different care during each season.

Do you offer free estimates for mowing?

Absolutely! We understand that every homeowner’s yard is a little bit different, and so we tailor our services to fit your needs. Once you get in touch with us, we will arrange for a convenient time for an inspector to meet you at your home. During this visit, we will:

  • Learn more about your goals to help ensure that you receive exactly the services you need

  • Inspect the condition and types of grass and plants in your yard

  • Answer any questions you have about our mowing services

Once the inspector has gathered this information, ABC will send you a fee, no-obligation estimate for recommended services. Once you approve the estimate, we can set up your first service call so work can begin.

What does lawn mowing service look like at my home?


Do I need to be home when you are mowing?

In a majority of cases, after our initial meeting, we can schedule a time for technicians to come to your property to cut your grass while you are away at work. All we ask is that you provide us with any information we may need to access all the parts of your yard you want mowed, and that you keep your pets and children inside while we are working, to make sure we can efficiently get our work done and for the safety of everyone involved.

What equipment or materials do I need to have ready?

ABC’s lawn specialists will bring all the equipment they need to mow your grass and lawn, so you don’t have to worry about getting out your mower. Our crews use commercial-grade equipment which is not available to the general public and which provides high-quality, consistent results.

How often will you cut my grass?

The frequency at which your lawn should be mowed will depend on what grass species you have in your yard, how quickly your grass grows and your preference for grass height. During the months of the year when your grass is growing the quickest, your lawn could benefit from mowing as often as once a week.

What height should I cut my grass?

What we do and what we recommend to our customers is that you make sure not to remove more than one-third of the leaf area of your grass at a time. The recommended mowing height is between two and a half inches and three inches for St. Augustine grass (three to three and a half inches in shady areas), one and two inches for Bermuda grass and between a half-inch and an inch and a half for hybrid grass types.  

What should I do with my grass clippings?

Grass clippings can return key nutrients into your soil. By leaving them in your lawn after mowing, you are providing shade to the surface of your soil and helping your soil retain moisture, giving you many of the benefits of mulch. If you do decide to remove your grass clippings, you can compost them so that you can later return these nutrients to your landscape.

Why choose ABC for my lawn mowing?

The biggest reason to have ABC take over your regular mowing is that you can spend more time on the things you enjoy. In addition, ABC’s lawn mowing technicians receive extensive in-house training on proper mowing techniques, grass types, moisture requirements, lawn conditions and other industry best practices, so our technicians can spot other problems and help you address them. ABC conducts thorough background checks and drug testing on all our employees, so you can feel safe having a technician on your property.