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Roberto and his helper did a outstanding Job on my lawn today. Give credit to the crew.

- Alia S, November 2016
How often do you mow?

Our lawn specialists will work with you to determine a mowing schedule, which is typically weekly or bi-weekly. Depending on your grass type, lawn health,and goals for the looks of your yard, we can usually find a schedule and payment plan that works well.

What else do you do to the lawn during service?

For our basic lawn care service package, we offer lawn mowing, edging, weed-eating and blowing cut grass from sidewalks and driveways. From there, we can also incorporate fertilizing, hedge trimming & maintenance, and care for ornamental trees and shrubs - the upgrade options are up to you. We work year-round to ensure your lawn and all elements of your landscape receive the care and attention needed to thrive even in our hot summers and chilly winters.

How does the free consultation work?

A specialist will view your property and measure the square footage. They will confer with you to confirm any additional services, and when all the information is assembled, they will provide you with a written quote. We will never charge you more than the quoted cost, and we will not stop working for you until you are satisfied with the service.

What products do you use and are they environmentally friendly?

ABC uses a range of environmentally friendly fertilizers and products your property needs. All of our products are selected based on effectiveness and environmental standards. In general, we recommend and use organic products and attempt to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers.