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I want to complement all of the field staff, pest control, HVAC, and rodent, in particular Thomas Trotter & Chris Gentry. The quality of the people ABC hires is impeccable and I am very grateful for the quality service you provide.

- Henry E, June 2016
What Sprinkler and Irrigation problems can you fix?

At ABC San Antonio, we know that a properly functioning irrigation system is important to our customers. We have a full-service irrigation department with trained staff who will fix any leaks or faulty equipment in your system.

While we don't install new systems from scratch, we can install new areas of sprinklers (to an already existing system) for turf, garden beds, trees and shrubs. We also repair and replace all the various components to a system, including timers and sensors.

How long does it take to get a sprinkler system looked at?

Appointments are subject to demand. Certain times of the year can become very busy with repairs. However, all efforts will be made to tend to your needs as quickly as is possible.

What kind of sprinkler and irrigation systems can you repair & install?

Our technicians will advise you about the options and benefits of the different types of irrigation systems. We can install regular sprinkler systems that spray water above ground for area coverage, and we also work with drip systems, which deliver the water directly to plant roots, both saving water and efficiently delivering the necessary fluids to your trees and gardens.

What are the advantages of a drip irrigation system?

Conventional sprinkler systems spray water into the air and let gravity deliver it to the ground and subsequently the plants. This is effective in covering a large area, but water is wasted through evaporation and wind spread.

Drip Irrigation on the other hand employs buried hoses in order to directly deliver the water to the roots of your plants. There is no waste through evaporation, and you can easily regulate the amount of moisture your plants get to keep them in peak health and productivity. Additionally, drip irrigation has fewer moving parts, which can cut down on maintenance costs. Many municipalities are strongly encouraging the conversion to drip irrigation.