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What can you do for my trees?

ABC provides full-service tree care in San Antonio and the surrounding communities with certified arborists and experienced, reliable crews.

Tree Service San Antonio

Some of the services our tree experts routinely provide to homeowners include:

Tree Trimming

Trees benefit from regular pruning to encourage new growth and prevent disease. Removing branches from the canopy can also improve air circulation let in more sunlight. Lastly, trimming can improve the shape and aesthetic value of your trees.

Homeowners often lack the appropriate tools to properly trim trees on their property and the expertise to know exactly how and when to prune different tree species. In addition, tree trimming can involve scaling extension ladders and working at dangerous heights. Leave the hard work to ABC so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces.

Tree Fertilization

Central Texas soils lack some of the key nutrients trees need to thrive. While fertilizing trees throughout the year is important, overdoing it can cause other problems. Let our certified arborists, who have extensive knowledge of San Antonio soils, take a look at your trees to determine what they need and come up with a fertilization schedule to keep your yard looking great year-round.

Tree Limb Removal

Central Texas storms can be powerful and sometimes arrive with little warning. In the aftermath, you may find your lawn littered with limbs and larger branches. ABC’s tree experts can check for any structural damage to your trees and remove unsightly debris so you don’t have to.

Tree Removal

Sometimes it’s not just the branches of a tree that need to be removed from your yard. If you have a dead tree on your property, chances are that it’s just a matter of time before the entire trunk falls. Depending on the size of your tree, a falling tree or even large branches can cause a significant amount of damage and can even injure a loved one.

Removing a tree is a big job which can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Avoid the risk of any related damage by having ABC’s arborists take a look at your tree to confirm that it needs to be removed and taking the necessary steps to safely do so.

Do you offer free estimates?

ABC provides no-obligation, complimentary estimates for tree service here in San Antonio. Once you reach out to us, ABC will send an inspector to your property to get more information about what you would like to have done and to make an initial assessment of the tree in question.

Our inspector will answer any questions you might have and deliver a set of recommendations and an estimate. After you approve the recommendations, ABC will schedule a service visit to get the work done. In many cases, after the initial appointment, tree service can be scheduled at a time that you are away from work, provided that you can provide us with information on how a technician can access your yard.

What qualifications do your tree care experts have?

All ABC employees receive extensive in-house training to enable them to deliver high-quality home services. In addition, our tree team members hold the following industry-specific certifications:

We understand that our customers count on us to be current on best practices in the industry on tree and lawn care, so ABC also belongs to the the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).

ISA Certified Arborist Oak Wilt Qualified

How can I protect my trees?

Caring for your grass or flowers is more straightforward than taking care of your trees.

Some things homeowners can do to preserve the trees on their property include:

  • Plant trees away from your foundation. Over time, your tree roots can spread in a way which can compromise the structural integrity of your home. Make sure trees are planted at least 15 feet from your home, especially if they are large.

  • Promptly remove dead trees. If you suspect that a tree is dead, don’t put off having a professional come to take a closer look and remove the tree. A dead tree can begin by shedding smaller branches. Over time, you can risk damage to your home if the trunk falls Falling branches can indicate a more serious problem.

  • Avoid soil compaction near tree roots. A tree depends on its roots to provide stability and nourishment. When soil around the roots becomes compacted, water and oxygen cannot move as easily to the parts of the plant that need it. Be careful when mowing or aerating in your lawn around tree root systems and avoid passing heavy machinery, such as construction equipment or cars, over tree roots.

Homeowners value their trees, but are often unsure what they can do on their own to protect this important part of their landscape.

How can I tell if my trees are unhealthy?

Most homeowners miss signs that a tree is unhealthy. If you are concerned about one of your trees, here are some signs that might indicate a problem:

  • Wilted, brown or discolored leaves

  • Holes, growths or spots on leaves

  • Dead limbs

  • Slower-than-normal growth or size

  • Extensive or sudden loss of leaves

  • Appearance of decay or rotting

  • Signs of pest damage or an infestation

What tree diseases are common in San Antonio?

Arborists can easily diagnose a number of conditions which could be impacting your trees. Some of the more common issues we see here in San Antonio include:

  • Oak wilt

  • Hypoxylon canker

  • Root rot

  • Bacterial leaf scorch

  • Pest infestations

  • Blight

  • Drought damage

Homeowners may recognize signs of stress, but may not know exactly what to do about it. That’s when to call in the experts to help suggest ways to get your trees back to being healthy again.

Can mulch help my trees? If so, how should I apply it?

Mulch is a valuable addition to your tree care regimen. Applying mulch can help your tree by:

  • Providing a buffer for your tree from extreme hot and cold temperatures

  • Keeping your roots moist by retaining water

  • Reducing any potential damage caused when you mow your yard

  • Preventing weeds which rob your tree of water and nutrients

  • Discouraging erosion so that water can sink into tree roots rather than washing away

To ensure your tree gets the biggest benefit from mulching, consider:

  • Removing grass within a three to ten-foot radius of your tree, depending on the tree’s size

  • Adding a two to four-inch layer of mulch made out of natural materials, such as bark chips or pieces of wood

  • Spreading mulch carefully so you avoid accidentally cutting or damaging your tree’s root system.

Why should I trust my tree care to ABC?

San Antonio homeowners have relied on ABC to take care of their homes for decades. In addition to having certified arborists working on your trees, ABC customers appreciate that all employees undergo rigorous background checks and drug testing. Above all, ABC’s highly skilled, reliable employees treat your home as they would their own.