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We trust this company and it's professional technicians totally!! They have been providing our home with the best care for over five years and will continue to do so!!

- Yolanda J, January 2020
How soon can you solve my bed bug problem?

When you contact us, we'll schedule an inspector to come to your home at your earliest convenience. Once we provide you with a quote for services, we can get started eliminating your bed bugs.

What happens during the free inspection?

Our free inspection will begin with an assessment of the property to determine the extent of the infestation as well as the best treatment option. We will provide you a quote for services—the price we say is the price you pay, and not a penny more.

What bed bug treatment methods do you use?

The primary treatment method we use is called Heat Remediation. We use heating equipment to raise the interior temperature of affected rooms to above 130 degrees Fahrenheit, thus killing bed bugs at all stages of development.

This method is usually effective at eliminating the bed bug population in your home after a single treatment, but we may also recommend other products make sure all bed bugs have been eliminated. Heat Remediation allows you to return to your home immediately after treatment and there is no chemical residue.

Is this method friendly for pets and children?

Heat Remediation is non-toxic and has no after-effects.  You can return to your home almost immediately.

Do I have to get rid of my mattress and furniture?

The great thing about ABC’s heat remediation treatment is that it doesn’t harm furnishings or structures, so you don’t have to get rid of your mattress, carpeting, bedding or clothing.

How many treatments are necessary?

One treatment is normally enough. The process is very labor intensive for ABC and also requires the cooperation of everyone in your home.  We will supply you with a list of tasks regarding bedding, clothes, etc., that must be completed along with our treatment, to ensure the effectiveness of the heat application.

What does a bed bug heat treatment look like at my home?