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Ruben Balderas did a great job when he retreated for the mosquitoes,he walked with me and showed me what he was going to do and went above and beyond and I really appreciated it.

- Debi R., August 2016
Having concerns about the Zika Virus that's in the news lately?

Important Zika Virus Information

The news of Zika virus, a disease causing pathogen spread to humans through mosquito bites, being found in the U.S. has been alarming people everywhere, and human cases have been confirmed in the state of Texas. In addition to the illness associated with the virus, there is concern about the potential effect in pregnant women with mounting evidence of a link to microcephaly, a congenital condition associated with incomplete brain development in infants.

To learn more about the Zika Virus, its transmission, the possibility of an outbreak, prevention tips and more, please click here to visit this resource from the National Pest Management Association.

For information specifically about pregnancy and the Zika Virus, please click here to visit this resource from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And remember that an ABC Pest Specialist is just a quick phone call or click away and will work tirelessly to help keep your home and family safe from mosquitoes!

Why are mosquitoes such a problem?

Mosquitoes are more than an itchy annoyance. These pests transmit a variety of diseases, some of which may affect residents in the San Antonio area. They also are prolific breeders that lay eggs in standing water or in grasses and weeds. Within five generations, mosquitoes can produce 20 million offspring, and they can fly up to 10 miles to breed. Whenever our area gets large amounts of rain or there are places where there is frequent standing water, homeowners can expect mosquitoes to be close by.

Why should I consider mosquito control for my property? Isn’t insect repellent enough?

Many people want to avoid using topical insect repellents, which are smelly, inconvenient, and have to be applied directly on the skin. Other forms of insect repellents such as electric bug zappers, ultrasonic devices and citronella candles, can repel mosquitoes from a very small area, but really aren’t useful for entire yards. They also can be noisy, ineffective, or irritating to people with allergies.

How does ABC San Antonio control mosquitoes?

ABC San Antonio offers a different approach to dealing with mosquitoes that covers the entire property and is less intrusive than repellents. ABC's Mosquito Management Program incorporates surveying the property to determine locations where mosquitoes may breed and helping to remove those sources - such as standing water. We then offer two programs for treating mosquitoes - misting systems and fogging.  

What is a misting system?

It's a custom-designed misting system that treats your outdoor living environment. ABC's misting nozzles are installed around the perimeter of your home and other structures such as decks and pergolas, around swimming pools, in landscaped areas, along fences, and in other places where mosquitoes live and breed.

The tubing and precision misting nozzles deliver a fine mist of mosquito treatment that kills mosquitoes that come in contact with the product. The system is programmed to treat your property automatically when the mosquitoes are most active (early morning and late evening) or it can be controlled on demand with a hand held remote control, much like a key fob to unlock your car.

How long does it take to install the system?

It depends on how large of a yard you have as well as other variables that must be taken into account. A typical system can be installed in one day.

What is backpack misting?

Backpack misting is a performed by a backpack style machine that sprays a fine mist of product where ever the spray applicator is pointed.The treatment is applied by an ABC Specialist and is used on both the front and back yards. 

The products used used in the misting have residual effect and will continue to eliminate mosquitoes for weeks at a time. It's a great service for those that want improved mosquito control, but don't want to install a full-fledged misting system. We spray treat all the areas of your yard and depending on weather conditions after treatment, the treatment can remain effective against mosquitoes for approximately 4 weeks. A 5000 sq.ft lawn can be treated for between $60 - $95 (depending on foliage and landscape details). We will be happy to provide a free evaluation and estimate for your yard and landscaping.