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Kristopher did an outstanding job. Paid good attention to what he was doing. He didn't rush and seemed like he really cared about getting the job done right.

- Connie B., July 2017
What happens during the free inspection?

Our fully-licensed and trained pest control experts will perform a thorough free inspection of your property. We will determine the extent of an infestation, assess damage, answer any questions you may have, and provide a quote for services.

Are the products you use friendly for pets and children?

We choose our products for both their effectiveness and their level of environmental friendliness. We highly value the health of our communities, your family, and the environment.

Do I really need to be concerned about termite damage?

Nationally, the annual damage caused by termites exceeds $2 billion dollars. Termites like to feed on wood. They need only a fraction of an inch to invade your home. Over time, termite damage can cause serious cosmetic or structural damage to a home and can reduce a home’s value.  The damage doesn't happen overnight, but they will inevitably cause severe damage if left untreated.

How do you treat for termites?

ABC will send out a termite specialist who understands the insect’s behavior. Those specialists will inspect your home for the location of the termites and evaluate actual termite damage. We'll explain the finding to you and make you aware of all your options.

If we find evidence of termites, we will devise a treatment plan that may include the use of Termidor - one of the best and most effective products ever invented. As needed, we will apply Termidor where the termites are feeding. This treatment causes termites to carry the bait back to their nests and transfer it to others by sharing food. Over time, this bait will cause the entire colony to die.

If you are building a new property, you should consider calling us to install our tried and true Termimesh system. Termimesh is a 100% effective steel mesh that is installed along with the slab of the home. It prevents termites from accessing your house, is non-toxic and provides permanent termite protection.

I've heard of tenting or fumigating for treatment. What does that involve?

For certain types of termites, it's the only effective way of treatment. It requires completely covering and enclosing the structure with large, heavy-weight tarps to form an envelope and totally "seal" the structure. Then, a gas is introduced into the structure and kept in place for several hours - usually overnight.

This will kill all termites and other insects in the structure. The gas leaves no odor or residue and leaves the structure insect free. ABC's trained, licensed Inspectors will explain the necessity of this type treatment when applicable.

What can I do to prevent termites?

Any lumber, firewood, brush, downed trees, or other loose wood around your property should be removed from the actual home as much as possible. Standing water, leaky spigots, and food trash should also be removed as these contribute to termite colony survival.

Awareness of the symptoms of termites and regular visual inspections are key.  If you are building a new home, the Termimesh system is proven effective at completely mitigating the risk of termite infestations. If all else fails, call our experts and we can advise you of best practices or remove your termite infestation.

Do you inspect homes for Wood Destroying Insects (WDIs)?

We make sure we do a thorough job inspecting the home for any wood destroying pests. We will advise you of their presence and provide documentation as required.